The Refugee Crisis Amidst a Pandemic

More than 12.000 refugees that were sheltered in Refugee Camp in Moria on the Greek island of Lesvos have been urgently translocated after a massive fire on the 8th of September, that destroyed the entire shelter. The situation was already deteriorating prior to the fires. The inhumane situation of the refugees has seen a massive increase in international media coverage during the course of the past weeks. The reason for this unfortunate, yet predictable, disastrous fire in the Moria Refugee Camp, as well as the prolonged stranding of the refugees in the seas, leading to massive amount of deaths.  

Through this Press release, we, European Medical Students on behalf of EMSA, feel the urge to point out that this is not the first example of people having to emigrate from their home countries to preserve their lives, but end up suffering terrible consequences. European leaders should share responsibility for all those escaping atrocities, making sure to respect their dignity and hold their human rights at the center of attention.