The Organising Committee of EMSA-Heidelberg as well as the EMSA European Board are pleased to invite you to the EMSA Spring Assembly 2019 which will take place in 24-29 April 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany!

The theme of the assembly is Medical Migration and Mobility!

For detailed information about the event, please refer to registration details section, and the event booklet (shared below).









Message From Our Organising Committee

We are honoured and even thrilled to invite you all into our beautiful city Heidelberg to be a part of the EMSA Spring Assembly of 2019!

From 24th of April until 29th of April we will be welcoming you at the campus of Heidelberg University and the University Hospital at the shore of the neckar to participate in all kinds of trainings, workshops and speeches. These will be giving you not only countless opportunities to discuss and learn all about the topic „Medical Mobility and Migration”, but to also get to know our University and each other. To improve this process, we will obviously provide you with an amazing social programme all around Heidelberg´s beautiful and fun places. Just to tease you a little, we can already tell that we will be spending quite an awesome time at the very romantic castle. But we are also looking forward to showing you that there`s even a lot more to Heidelberg than old buildings – which are of course still pretty great…
With all of you joining in, we are sure we can turn this event to nothing but a wonderful success for all of us! So don´t hesitate when it comes to signing up for #SA19inHD and experience Heidelberg in maximum resolution!


Registration Details

There will be two registration periods

  • Representatives’ registrations (22.10 – 12.11) for members of the EMSA European Board, Local Coordinators, National Coordinators and carriers of proxies as well as guests invited by EMSA Europe,
  • Members’ registrations (22.11 – 13.12) for all members of EMSA.

EMSA Heidelberg will organize the event for up to 300 participants : 300 spots with accommodation, 50 spots without accommodation and 50 spots for local Heidelberg students.

The participation fee including five nights of accommodation and three course meals and coffee breaks is 220€ .

The fee without accommodation and breakfast, but including lunch, dinner and coffee breaks is 150€.

The fee for local students ( without accommodation and breakfast, but including lunch, dinner and coffee breaks) is 150€.

Refund Policy

  • Participants will be refunded with 100%* of their registration fee in case they cancel their registration within two weeks of being accepted;
  • With 50 %* of the fee if they cancel within four weeks of being accepted;
  • Will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled any later, whereas they will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event regardless of how much time has passed since registering.
Post SA Field Trip

Please click the picture below to reach the schedule!

Event Booklet


Venue Address:

Kopfklinik heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 400, 69120 Heidelberg

Accomodation Adress:

Jugendherberge Heidelberg international, Tiergartenstr 5, 69120 Heidelberg