Refugees and Access to Healthcare

The refugee crisis has been a subject of debate for a long time now and especially during the times of the pandemic, it became obvious that some situations are only exacerbated. Healthcare concerns of refugees receive our continuous attention, yet our attempts remain in educating and engaging EMSAis for inclusion and non-discrimination. We, as the Medical Ethics and Human Rights & European Integration and Culture Pillar teams in EMSA have been working long and hard on how to approach this topic and this time we have decided that a more interactive session rather than an informative one would serve more in benefit of the participants. Presenting our resources together with some fundamental data, we aim to provoke involvement and brainstorming during the session, while trying to voice as many kinds of approaches.

Interested to find out about the health needs of refugees? How cultural competence can play a pivotal role in doctor patient communication? And how legal instruments play a role in equal healthcare of Refugees across Europe?

We would be excited to have you joining our session, sharing your knowledge or opinion on the topic.

Join us on 4th of July at 16:00 CEST in Zoom to become a part of the discussion!

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