For the past few years, as EMSA Europe, we try to raise awareness regarding mental health by social media campaigns or sessions during our general assemblies. Besides, during the terms 2016/17 and 2017/18, Public Health Pillar worked in particular on Mental Health and well-being of Medical Students and prepared a report concerning psychological support provided by European Medical Universities, which indicates that 37.3% of 67 FMOs that were members of EMSA in 2016 didn’t have psychological support instruments. We believe that acknowledging the importance of mental health among medical students and practitioners is crucial as well, since the numbers of people dealing with mental illnesses has gradually increased, both in society and among medical staff.

Join our Mental Health Webinars to cover a range of topics reagrding Mental Health, emphasising on prevention, tackling stigma, Human Rights Based Approach and the current efforts implemented in Europe.

Medical Students and Mental Health
Why is good mental health important for a medical student? Can it affect your personal or work life? Which are the most common mental health problems in the healthcare sector? And are there ways to prevent mental health problems? If you want to find out more, these will be discussed in the first webinar on Mental Health Webinars Serie.

Mental Health in Human Rights
Is there an interrelation between Mental Health to Human Rights? How is the Right to Health involved? How does Stigma and Discrimination rise in the context of Mental Health? And what are the consequences of stigma to mental health? All the above will be discussed in this second webinar on Mental Health Webinars Serie.

Human Rights Based Approach and European Policies in Mental Health
What do we mean by Human Rights Based approach when it comes to Mental Health? Can we avoid mental health related stigma and discrimination as future healthcare providers? What is the current policy work on Mental Health at the European level, and how we, as future healthcare providers can contribute to this? If you are interested to find out more, register for the third and last webinar on Mental Health Webinars Serie.

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