EMSA Members Newsletter | July 2020

EMSA eAA 2020 Dates are Set!

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Based on the eAA Dates and Structure survey results, EMSA Executive Board has decided to organize eAA in two parts: first part will be including the Pillar Sessions, Training Sessions, Workshops through the dates September 11-13th, while second part of the eAA will be including the Plenary Sessions and will take place on October 2-4th. You can read the survey results through the link here!

Further announcements regarding eAA will be shared with you very soon! Keep an eye on your mailboxes!


EMSA Pillar Google Groups

Dear EMSAi,

EMSA Google Pillar Groups are sub-communities within the EMSA Network that are controlled directly by the Pillar Directors and Assistants to ensure direct communication with members at the local and national levels. These mailing groups are designed to be platforms of information and document sharing, discussion and brainstorming! Now, you will be much more closer to the updates from the Pillar Directors: Google Groups enable you to know more about our Pillar Directors' latest works and ask up to date questions to them, whether they are about the upcoming Pillar sessions, or external meeting outcomes!

If you want to keep up with the latest updates of the Pillars, please sign up using the button below!


EuroMeds 2020 Online Summer Issue is Out!

Our Editorial Team is pleased to present to you the latest and greatest of EuroMeds!

In the days that humankind is having one of the hardest battles because of the Covid-19 pandemic, publishing an issue focuses on ‘’Public Health Heroes’’ is more than meaningful.

Hopefully, you will be enjoying the issue as much as we did while accepting a record number of 22 articles from several countries and faculties!

You will be reading articles from different aspects, including art and social sciences. You will also be able to deepen in Covid-19, pandemic, and all kinds of perspectives on our issue.

Please do not hesitate to share your feedback!

Medical Ethics and Human Rights Updates

Pride Month - Ethics and Human Rights Director 
Pride Month
For Pride Month, the Medical Ethics and Human Rights and European Integration and Culture Pillar joined forces for a campaign, starting early in June to empower and capacitate EMSAis the utmost. Educational insta stories as well as quizzes and infographics were shared over instagram and facebook, a survey to gain further knowledge on medical students’ perceptions on LGBTQI+ inclusivity and education was disseminated and an article describing how European Medical Students are relevant to Pride Month was shared on EMSA’s website. An educational booklet is also prepared to be disseminated to FMOs. The SWG of Pride Month consisted of Eleftheria Vlahou (HelMSIC Thessaloniki), Beatrice Cerqueti (EMSA Pavia), Omotoyosi Deborah Sobogun (EMSA-Lviv), Maria Valahe Cunha (EMSA AEFML), Tomilola (EMSA Sumy), Roos Verheijen (EMSA Leiden), (IFMSA-Rotterdam), Smriti Subikshaa Raja Kumar (EMSA-Vinnytsya), Joanna Gromadzka (EMSA Warsaw), Umut Yucel (EMSA Bahcesehir) and Anna Tapani (HelMSIC Thessaloniki).
World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day takes place every year on the 20th of June. This year’s campaign was coordinated by Lum - MEHR Internal Affairs Assistant - and had the orientation of giving basic information and myths/facts on the Populations on the Move, as well as shedding light on the COVID-19 implications to Refugee Populations. The SWG that worked on World Refugee Day consisted of Tanmai Aasrith Varma Ayenampudi and Smriti Subikshaa Raja Kumar (both from EMSA-Vinnytsya).
World Refugee Day1 - Ethics and Human Rights Director

Medical Ethics and Human Rights Upcoming Events

In Medicine and Rights Activity ( HIMERA) The scope of our project is
1. to capacitate
a) EMSAis by providing them the tools to educate medical students, by enhancing peer education and increasing understanding on Medical Ethics and Human Rights topics at the same time
b) National structures by improving their knowledge on topics the Pillar deals with and
c) future MEHR European teams that might need guidance on some topics and
2. to eventually formulate a curriculum of peer education trainings with the most relevant and timeless topics the Medical Ethics and Human Rights Pillar deals with.
This Capacity Building opportunity is aiming to consist of multiple pairs - one trainer and one Medical Ethics and Human Rights enthusiast - that would be working together in order to prepare a full outline training of one or two topics of their choice from the ones we are dealing with in MEHR pillar.
Gender Based Violence
eSession Even though women are fighting year after year with access to safe abortion, the same wage as men and many aspects of inequality they face in every day life, their fight is far from being over. Many women each year are experiencing gender based violence and unfortunately we’ve seen the situation exacerbating during COVID-19 pandemic. Especially in these times, victims often have to stay at home with their abusers, without a chance to a safe place. We’ve worked mainly on campaigns and sessions so far, that is why we decided to have a session that highlights the matter of gender based violence at the end of July, facilitated by Joanna Gromadzka, MEHR Capacity Building Assistant of MEHR (EMSA Warsaw) and Deborah Sobogun (EMSA-Lviv).
World Humanitarian Day
A small working group, coordinated by Lum, has started working on World Humanitarian Day, that is celebrated on the 19th of August, to honor those who sacrifice for humanity and shed more light on why we need more to be involved in Humanitarian Action. More to be shared soon.

Public Health Updates

On June 25th, we had a session moderated by our Assistant for Climate Change and Health, Saif Ahmed, where Zoltán Massay-Kosubek (European Public Health Alliance) gave the participants an insight into how air pollution was affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report and recording will be on our website soon!

Medical Science Upcoming Events

Medical Science E-Sessions
1) Science advocacy (July the 30th*): The methodology and ethics of science has been the centre of many discussions throughout the history of knowledge. But how is it possible to advocate the freedom of information during the 21st century? In this session, we're going to talk about Open Access, Fact Confirmation, Scientific Methods & Paradigms and most importantly the advocacy of science.
2) COVID-19 Wrap-Up: It's been 5 months since the pandemic started. There has been many articles and discussions about the prognosis and treatments of COVID-19. We're going to gather up all the useful information we learned until now.
3) Entering Joker's Mind: The Neuroscience of Evil : Does one become evil, because of their destiny? Or maybe because of the bad environment they've been living? Can it be even about genetics or congenital diseases? Or is it only a basic problem of brain chemistry? These questions simply cannot be answered easily. In this session, getting inspired by the worldwide famous movie Joker (2019), we're entering the world of neuroscience and try to find answers to our and your questions. Come and join us in this beautiful journey to the human brain!
(*The dates of the other sessions are going to be announced at the first week of August)

European Integration and Culture Updates

We have opened the Twinning Contract for input for all members of EMSA, so that the changes finally applied in the contract would help the local members apply it better in the next term. We have also had the first round of eTwinnings start with our partner organization AMSA, so that conversations between local associations that would, in a real - life Twinning would not likely happen like the match between EMSA Pamukkale and AMSA Indonesia! We have had webinars on "Introduction to Health Law", "Discrimination in Healthcare" and "Refugees and Access to Health" which I think helped us start out conversations on many important topics.

European Integration and Culture Upcoming Events

  WhatsApp Image 2020-07-11 at 14.15.01 - European Integration Director
Dear EIC Enthusiasts,
The opportunity is here for you to work on a European level, whether you are just a member or a board member of your FMO. You can click the link in the bio to access the actual Twinning Contract we will all be using next year while we arrange exchanges and give direct input on the document and say what you would like to see written there. The comments and suggestions will be revised by the EMSA Europe EEB and the EIC team for finalization and the product document will be adopted as the official Twinning Contract of EMSA Europe for the term of 2020-2021! So don’t be shy, leave your mark on a European mobility project!

Health Policy Updates

discrim health - Health Policy Digital Health Assistant 
On the 10th of July in a joint pan pillar webinar, between Health Policy and the European Integration and Culture. This webinar was Discrimination in Healthcare. Three speakers, Dr. Dibah Jiva, Olamide Dada and Aridai Resendiz Aguilar; were invited to speak on their experience with discrimination. The discussion and resources that provided were very productive and informative. Considering the current climate with regard to discrimination this was an area that was vital to address.

EMSA Trainings Updates

EMSA Online Trainings
With the completion of last three trainings, EMSA Online Trainings has come to an end for now! We would like to thank our trainers and participants for being a part of this journey. If you missed this initiative, do not worry! More trainings are on their way. Keep an eye on us!
EMSA Trainings Advancement Small Working Group
We have concluded the call for SWG and we are ready to work!

Upcoming Training Sessions!

EMSA Mental Health Trainings
It is our pleasure to announce a collaboration between EMSA Trainings and Events, EMSA Medical Ethics and Human Rights, and our dear partner EFPSA : EMSA Mental Health Trainings! If you are a trainer who is interested in making mental health a priority and helping the peers while doing so, join us in this journey! Please refer to EMSA's website or reach out to your Local Coordinator (LC) for receiving the related email. Trainings and Events Team is also available via teo@emsa-europe.eu or teo.train.asst@emsa-europe.eu.
You can apply until the 3rd of August, 2020, 23.59 CEST via the link below!