WELCOME TO THE EMSA Medical ethics and human rights PILLAR!

vision & mission

The Medical Ethics and Human Rights Pillar envisions a Europe with a common understanding of Human Rights, where medicine is practiced compliant with the hightest ethical values.

Its mission is to empower medical students to defend and actively promote Human Rights within society, whilst raising awareness of ethical matters in health.

  • Promote a full integration of ethics into the medical curricula
  • Encourage discussion of ethical issues between medical students and healthcare professionals on the local and European level
  • Advocate for the highest Human Rights standards, understanding and implementation in all European countries
  • Raise awareness and promote protection of Human Rights throughout the continent
  • Collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to medical ethics and human rights

Focus areas of the Pillar


Mental Health and Well-being of Medical Students and Practitioners

LGBTQI+ Health and Rights

Right to Health


Past Focus Areas

Migrants and Refugees Health

Organ donation and transplantation

Medical Ethics and Human Rights Team 2019/20

Anna Tapani

MEHR Director


Joanna Gromadzka

MEHR Capacity Building Assistant


Pride Month 2019

Human Rights Day 2016-19

International Women’s Day 2016-18

IDAHOTB 2016-18

World Refugee Day 2017-18

Children’s Day 2016

MEHR directors

2019/20: Anna Tapani

2018/19: Hugo Saint-James

2017/18: Hazal Erdinc

2016/17: Angeliki Tzortzi

2015/16: Suleyman Dogan Polat

2014/15: Safa Cansi


  • Abortion: an ethical issue of the 21st century
  • Mental and well-being in medical education
  • Integration of minorities in healthcare




  • Mental Health at the core of Human Rights
  • Gender Identity in Healthcare
  • Culture Shock and Ethics within Medical Mobility


  • Ethical Issues of e-Health
  • Migration and Challenges
  • Sustainable Development Goals




  • Human Rights 101
  • Medical Ethics and Human Rights in Conflict Zones
  • MEHR in Medical Curricula