you can be a part of emsa in multitude of ways!


  • Your faculty is not an EMSA member yet, but you would still like to partake in EMSA? You can apply now to become an individual member!
  • The Individual Membership grants you access to all EMSA projects and international meetings (without voting rights). You can even become a member of the EMSA European Board. The fees are very low and student-friendly, at 20 € per year (and a one time registration fee of 10 €).
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  • EMSA is based on students’ organisations on the level of medical faculties. EMSA in 2018 has more than 116 Faculty Member Organisations (FMOs) in over 26 European countries. If you and your team of fellow students want to join the EMSA network, all members of your local students’ organisation will be granted access to all EMSA resources, including handbooks and newsletters. You will be able to join all EMSA European meetings, participate in projects such as our famous Twinning Project and your FMO will be able to attain a voting right at the EMSA General Assembly. Students from your FMO will be able to candidate for all EMSA Positions.
  • Fees in EMSA are very low: the annual membership fee is just as low as 120 € (+ a one time registration fee of 50 €).
  • Every full member FMO holds a voting right at the EMSA General Assembly and thus a voice in defining our position as European medical students towards the European Institutions, EMSA partners as well as in EMSA elections.
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  • The National Associated Membership (NAM) was designed for National Medical Students’ Association who want to join EMSA with all their medical faculties at one time. So in this case all their medical faculties join EMSA at once as a Faculty Member Organisation under the National Associated Membership with the criteria that the organisation unites preferably at least 50% of the medical faculties in its country or region.
  • As a NAM, all members of joining FMOs of a NAM will enjoy all benefits of EMSA membership as regulated in the EMSA Statutes and Internal Rules. A NAM can receive a discount in registration fees and a discount of membership fees according to the Annual Budget of EMSA Europe.
  • The fees of the NAM will be calculated based on the number of medical faculties in the NAM, they have to pay their fees together under the NAM and they will have some discounts. All of which will be calculated and sent by the treasure in an invoice.
  • The total registration fee of a NAM shall be no less than 50 € and not exceed 250 €.
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