WELCOME TO THE EMSA European ıntegratıon and culture famıly!


European Integration and Culture pillar envisions a united Europe, with common values and solidarity, providing equal opportunities for healthcare students and professionals, whilst embracing cultural variety.


Our mission is to empower students to participate in European mobility and exchange programmes and to foster their intercultural understanding and compassion toward disadvantaged groups in society.

  • Promote European values set by the Council of Europe (human rights, democracy and the rule of law)
  • Prepare a generation of European doctors through mobility programmes and exchange projects;
  • Facilitate intercultural understanding by organising social and cultural events;
  • Enhance understanding and contact between medical students and disadvantaged groups in society;
  • Encourage interprofessional collaboration in all aspects of health care;
  • Collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to European Integration and Culture.


İrem Akçal


Public Relations Assistant


Umut Yücel


European Integration and Culture Director


Evelina Roubou


Twinning Assistant





Our ESD members have been working all term long and the final product is finally here! Even though for some, it may seem like the EIC is all about the Twinnings, these ESD members have been working day and night to prove you wrong on that. The Different Christmas project has been turned into Different Holidays, for the sake of inclusivity we have been striving to underline all this term in the EIC and the Cultural Injection has been widened in vision and scope to swallow down the Day of Culture as well. The booklets are here and they are here to inspire our local pillar directors to organise events, bringing people ever closer together, but mostly after the days of the pandemic, seeing that most of the activities mentioned throughout these booklets do require face – to – face interactions. Of course, bringing them online is up to your levels of creativity as well!

Different Holidays Handbook 2020

Cultural Injection Handbook 2020

e-twınnıng § Onlıne twınnıng catchups

We have obviously expired the times of the pandemic where we made banana bread and slept all day. Entering the summer, even though many of the precautions might have been lifted off for so many of the European countries, it looks like it will still take time for us to go back to our classes and start doing regular Twinnings again.

As a solution, inspired by EMSA Turkey, we aim to match some volunteering FMOs as “eTwins” for them to meet each other on online platforms and continue learning about new cultures during the summer. Check out our booklet on eTwinnings to find out all about the eTwinning project and how to meet up with your fellow EMSAis through the summer.

You can also use this opportunity to “catch-up” with your twins from half-completed Twinnings and check on each other to see how everything is going, until the next time you meet in real life. 

Check out the e-Twinning § Online Twinning Catchups Booklet 


The aim of the Twinning Project is to couple two Faculty Member Organizations as twins and exchange a group of students among each other. The students contact each other in order to arrange two exchange periods and the “twins” organize the actual program in their own country to take place during each exchange period.

  • Twinning between two EMSA FMOs: This is the most common type of EMSA Twinnings. In these projects, both participating pairs are EMSA members.
  • Intercontinental Twinning: The European & Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program is our inter-continental platform that enables EMSA members to visit different countries in Asia and to get to know the fascinating Asian culture, excellent Universities, mesmerizing sights and people.
  • Interprofessional Twinning: It is an exchange between a group of medical students and a group of pharmaceutical students from different countries. This is an amazing opportunity to transfer not only culture, but also knowledge and experiences from two different professional backgrounds. This way, the barrier between different professions can be broken and by looking further than your own specialization, you can learn something useful from the diversity of skills.Check the EPSA-EMSA Interprofessional TP Handbook 2018 for more information.



Official Twinning Project Certificate

Have you heard about the Official Twinning Project Certificates?

Twinning Project, EMSA’s favourite project, is not only exchange between medical students from different countries, an experience full of cultural differences/similarities, friendly vibes and lifetime relationships, but also a possibility to take a glimpse at a whole new, different healthcare system. The TP certificates will be given if the Twinning Project consists of a well-prepared educational program.


What do you need to do in order to receive your certificate?

  1. Coordinators must sign the TP contract and send it to EIC Director (integration@emsa-europe.eu );
  2. Coordinators must fill out the TP Report Template and the Feedback Form;
  3. The Twinning Project should have a minimum of 15 hours of the educational program.
The European Medical Mobility

The European Medical Mobility Website (EMM) is a joint project of the European Junior Doctors (EJD) and the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA). Its main goal is to facilitate training in the medical field within the EU/EEA through an online database with a regular update system. The website does not only gather official information regarding Junior Doctors’ training and working conditions but also encourages to share personal and useful viewpoints.

The target group of the European Medical Mobility website is junior doctors and medical students who are aiming to do their medical training in another European country. The European Medical Mobility Project aims to facilitate their movement by providing information on how to access medical training in different countries, as well as basic information on training and working conditions in different European countries.

European Junior Doctors (EJD)


European Medical Mobility Website


European Integratıon and culture

pıllar Sessions

Pillar Session topics:

  • Medicine Without Borders
  • Taking Over the Continents!
  • Cultural Shock and Ethics Within Mobility

Pillar Sessions topics:

  • eHealth: How Do We Share?
  • Migration and Challenges
  • EIC Beyond Twinning Project

Pillar Session Topics:

  • Unified European Curriculum
  • Intercultural Learning
  • Research Twinning Project

Pillar Session Topics:

  •  Health Law
  • Refugees Access to Healthcare

Pillar Session topics:

  • Medical History in Regards to Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Stigmatisation of HIV + Individuals

How to get involved

Through the term, European Integration and Culture Pillar will release calls giving the opportunity to get involved in our activities.

Inspired by EMSA’s European Integration and Culture Pillar? Interested in what possibilities EMSA has to offer? Send an email to integration@emsa-europe.eu and get to know how you can contribute!

Click here to get more information about the news from EMSA European Integration and Culture Facebook Page.