VISION & Mıssıon

The Health Policy Pillar envisions a Europe in which all policies improve the health and well-being of populations and ensure people-centred health systems that are universal, equitable, sustainable and of high quality within and across Europe. The Health Policy Pillar aims for the successful digital transformation of the healthcare sector that is driven by a healthy healthcare workforce.

The Health Policy Pillar strives to achieve its vision through empowering medical students to have an impact on policy making processes that encourage all citizens in achieving their full health potential and well-being. The Health Policy Pillar advocates for a long-term improvement of the European health situation.


Educate and raise awareness among medical students on:

  • The European health situation
  • Policy making in EMSA by providing a platform, training and capacity building
  • Relevant stakeholders and health organizations.
  • Policy development, key policy documents and their implementation within the European institutions and stakeholders.

Target and actively engage in the current initiatives and projects on the health framework and agenda of the European Region and EU Institutions.

Coordinate and initiate efforts to shape European health policies to be translated in concrete recommendations and/or actions.


Lara de Luca 

The Netherlands

Health Policy Assistant for Transparency and Conflicts of Interest


Lina Mosch 


Health Policy Director


Paulius Povilonis


Health Policy Assistant for Internal Affairs



Digital HEALTH and health innovations

The Health Policy Pillar actively advocates for a successful and meaningful digitalization of the healthcare sector. The team prepared, conducted and analyzed a Europe-wide survey on the implementation of digital health in the curriculum of medical education. EMSA uses the results to actively contribute to the development digital strategies and their educational embodiment.

Policy Paper: Digital Health in the Medical Curriculum: Addressing the Needs of the Future Health Workforce

EMSA survey on eHealth 

TRANSPARENCY and Conflicts of Interest In Healthcare Collaborations

Policy Statement Conflicts of Interest in Medical Education Settings

Scientific and professional integrity rely on both a transparent approach to conflict of interests and clear policies to regulate them. Therefore, how universities handle conflicts of interest is of great importance for the scientific and professional integrity of future European doctors. Self imposed rules are key for the European Medical Students Association to ensure transparency.

It is our goal to raise awareness among medical students around Europe and to advocate efficient conflict of interest policies and frameworks for universities.

Read the policy paper!

Mental Health Europe: Shedding Light on Transparent Cooperation in Healthcare – The way forward for sunshine and transparency laws across Europe

EMSA contributed with a statement to this comprehensive report of the status quo of transparency in healthcare cooperations and regulative policies in EU member states.

The Local Health Policy Projects Booklet is published!

This booklet was written by medical students who were eager to start the  Health Policy pillar activities in their local faculty. The aim of this project is to represent the identity and guidelines of the pillar. We came up with three project proposals : an introduction to health policy (“Health Policy 101”) , Digital Health and Universal Health Coverage. As this is the first attempt in designing such a booklet, we encourage you to provide us with as much feedback and as many reflections as possible after applying it. Your contributions will further refine the proposals and lead to even better outcomes!

Past Health Policy Directors

2017-2018 : Felix Machleid, Germany

2016-2017 : Juliette Mattijsen, The Netherlands

2016-2017 : Lauritz Blome, Germany

2015-2016 : Stefan Hardt, Germany (as PMO)

2014-2015 : Pascal Nohl-Deryk, Germany (as PMO)

2013-2014 : Jehona Krasniqi, Kosovo (as PMO)

2012-2013 : Jacob Hildebrand, Germany (as PMO)

Watch our Webinar!

Policy making seems a bit abstract to you?You want to gather an overview about policy making processes and be able to look at policies on the European and the organisational level in a larger context?

You can now watch the EMSA webinar on Policy Making via this link:

— The ultimate goal —
At the end of this webinar, you are aware of the importance of high quality policy statements and policy making in Europe as well as in EMSA as a European NGO.

1. Introduction (5 min)
2. Policy making – an applied science (20 min)
3. Policy writing (15 min)
4. How does it work within EMSA? (15 min max)
5. Q & A ( ~ 20 min)

DURATION: ~1.15 h

Europeanly yours,

Lina, Paulius, Andres – EMSA European Health Policy Team

Yordan, EMSA Vice President of Internal Affairs