Dear EMSAi,

It’s an honour for me to announce the call to join the EuroMeds Editorial Team! This term, EMSA will be publishing 4 issues, SA ‘19 and AA ‘19 issues which will be printed and 2 online issues.


As a member of the previous Editorial Team and the current Chief Editor of EuroMeds which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, I have experienced that EuroMeds is a brilliant platform for students across Europe to spread their thoughts, feelings and ideas. With EuroMeds, we learn, think and create the extraordinary, stunning and unique. As a member of Editorial Team, you will be creator of the “harmony”, creator of the “imaginary worlds” to EMSAis, to medical students beyond the Europe and around the world.


This year, we will be also working on new EuroMeds projects: Scientific context development and EuroMeds TV. You will be the “riders” of the development. As a Editorial Team member, you will be able to work on the Small Working Groups focused on these projects.


This year, there will be Associate Editors, Content Designers, PR Assistants and Proofreaders in the Editorial Team.


Associate Editors will work on the creation process of EuroMeds with a different theme each issue. They will assist the Editor in Chief with the direction of the editorial and make the necessary contacts in and out of the Editorial Team. The associate editors will have the chance to directly experience the behind the scenes preparation of our beloved EuroMeds and their input to bring EuroMeds further are more than appreciated!

Content Designers will mainly work on the aesthetics EuroMeds, making sure we have a striking cover page in addition to visual content related to our topic and an appropriate general design which would express EMSA’s and EuroMeds’ institutional identity.  This is the position if you would like your design aesthetic to be materialized in EuroMeds!

Proofreaders will work on our precious contributors’ articles to improve them further. Proof readers are expected to have advanced English grammar, punctuation and spelling skills as they will be making sure EuroMeds content is completely error free.

PR (Public Relations) Assistant will work on the promotion of EuroMeds within and beyond of EMSA with their assistance on social media and communication by means of preparing promotional material and sharing EuroMeds on different online platforms, Facebook, Twitter or search for and contact other organizations who would help to increase the publicity of the magazine. It is assumed that the PR Assistant would work in close relationship with the EMSA Europe PR Team and attend the regular online meetings of the PR Team.

If you wish to apply for any of these positions please send your CV and motivation letter to If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through

Ihsan Selcuk Yurttas

EuroMeds Chief Editor 2018/19

CONTRIBUTORS CALL (wıll be shared soon!)


EuroMeds is the official magazine of EMSA Europe. Its content is created mainly by medical students, with contributions from EMSA’s partners and externals. The core topic of the issue is dedicated to an important area of public health, chosen by the EEB per edition.

Until now, the magazine was created for every General Assembly and shared with the attendees. Starting from October 2017, EuroMeds will also be published as an online edition, providing medical students a solid platform to express their opinions and ideas.

Do you want to be involved in EuroMeds? Check out the past issues, participate as a contributor or get into the Editorial Team when the call comes out!

For more information or feedback, you can email the Editor-in-Chief at