EuroMeds is the official magazine of EMSA Europe. Its content is created mainly by medical students, with contributions from EMSA’s partners and externals. The core topic of the issue is dedicated to an important area of public health, chosen by the EEB per edition.

Until now, the magazine was created for every General Assembly and shared with the attendees. Starting from October 2017, EuroMeds will also be published as an online edition, providing medical students a solid platform to express their opinions and ideas.

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Dear EMSAi,

I’m very happy to announce that Winter Issue Submissions for EuroMeds are on the air!

In this Winter Issue, We will be working on two main topics: Personal& Regenerative Medicine and Hidden Curriculum.

In our upcoming issue, we would like to look at two rapidly developing fields, personalized and regenerative medicine. Personalized medicine is a new model for therapeutics with the potential to provide best possible response with highest safety margin by tailoring the treatment patients receive to their individual needs. Regenerative medicine is, on the other hand, a branch that deals with various methods to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs, or tissues. Both of these are novel areas that have and will continue to hugely shape the way we practice medicine in the coming years. These are the possible subtopics for Personal& Regenerative Medicine:

  • History progress and challenges of regenerative medicine
  • Ethical issues of Personalised and Regenerative medicine
  • 3D printing technologies and artificial organs
  • Stem cells: how far is the solution?
  • Digital twins
  • Revealing of whole genome in personalised medicine: medical & ethical aspects
  • Future directions of both topics: What could we achieve in the future?
  • The story behind telomers and regenerative medicine. 

Hidden Curriculum (HC) refers to medical education as more than simple transmission of knowledge and skills; it is also a socialization process. Wittingly or unwittingly, norms and values transmitted to future physicians often undermine the formal messages of the declared curriculum. These are the possible subtopics for Hidden Curriculum:

  • A review of the literature about HC in Europe 
  • An article from a study conducted in your Medical School about HC
  • The Negative Effect of “Work-Life” Balance
  • Are role models important in making good doctors?
  • Decline of idealism throughout the years of Medical School
  • Development of the professional identity
  • Negative Attitudes and Apathy from Teachers

You can submit your article and visuals by filling this form.

You want to be a contributor but don’t know how? Here is EuroMeds 101, guide to writing your own EuroMeds article! 

Deadline for the submissions are 19.12.2018 23.59 CET. Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything that comes up to your mind. I am really excited to see you as a part of our Winter Issue!

Spring Assembly Printed Issue

To be announced soon!


Stay tuned!