EuroMeds is the official magazine of EMSA Europe. Its content is created mainly by medical students, with contributions from EMSA’s partners and externals. The core topic of the issue is dedicated to an important area of public health, chosen by the EEB per edition.

Until now, the magazine was created for every General Assembly and shared with the attendees. Starting from October 2017, EuroMeds will also be published as an online edition, providing medical students a solid platform to express their opinions and ideas.

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On behalf of Editorial Team, it is an honor for me to present the 10th anniversary issue of EuroMeds! Starting from now, you will be exploring different approaches to medical mobility and migration, theme of our Spring Assembly ’19 Heidelberg!

In this issue, we have to featured two topics that are highly relevant to healthcare professionals in this highly globalized political climate, Medical Migration and Medical Mobility. As globalisation moves forward, medical professionals have a greater chance for mobility regarding their choice of
country to work in. A higher income, better living or working conditions are just some of the many motivations which physicians choose to leave their country for. However, the emigration of medical professionals negatively impacts the health care system in their respective countries of origin. This phenomenon is often called “brain drain”. For us future doctors these issues are of utmost importance. The trends outlined above will increasingly shape our professional environment. As we move on in our lives and careers we want to be able to bene t from the freedom of movement in more and more ways. To ensure this, we need to nd ways to overcome the obstacles and dif culties arising from that freedom.

As mentioned before, this issue is EuroMeds 10th year anniversary issue, so it is highly special for me to be the Chief Editor. Starting from 2009, many Chief Editors, Associate Editors, Content Designers, Proofreaders, Contributors have been involved in past 15 issue so far. EuroMeds had born to be a voice for medical students and it had evolved different quali cations parallel to its decade, issue by issue; modern design layouts, QR Code Systems for References and Feedbacks, online issues and nally, ISSN number so that our hard great works are certi ed as it should be. We, current Editorial Team, are working hard to do our best to raise new qualities and improve existing so that medical students’ thoughts, feelings and studies will be presented in a marvelous platform. I am quite sure that EuroMeds’ evaluation will never even standy, will go further, and will go better.

As we always say there is always room for development, we are waiting for your feedbacks in order to achieve better outcomes so that we can de ne new objectives for further goodness. You can give us feedbacks by scanning the QR code in “Imprint” page.

While I am coming at the end of my words, I’d like to thank Işıl, Helena and Simon for their overwhelming work, Sinead and Liza for their “eagle-eyes”, Berkay, Ataberk and Pat for their aestheticism. You people rock!

I would also like to thank Vice President of Capacity, Ece Çalışan, and Organizing Committee President Sebastian Romann for their understandings and supports during the preperations of the maganize.

Enjoy the Issue, hab Spaß mit deinen Freunden 



İhsan Selçuk Yurttaş

EuroMeds Chief Editor