EuroMeds is the official magazine of EMSA Europe. Its content is created mainly by medical students, with contributions from EMSA’s partners and externals. The core topic of the issue is dedicated to an important area of public health, chosen by the EEB per edition.

Until now, the magazine was created for every General Assembly and shared with the attendees. Starting from October 2017, EuroMeds will also be published as an online edition, providing medical students a solid platform to express their opinions and ideas.

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Dear EuroMeds enhusiast,

On behalf of Editorial Team, it is an honor for me to present the EuroMeds Autumn Assembly ’19 Issue! Starting from now, you will be reading different aspects of the assembly’s main theme:
As medical students, we are both “raw material” and “finished products” of medical education. We are even affected and effecting economics, sociology, politics of our nations, regions and eventually, globe. Starting from the 1950s, education methods, curriculum development, assessment& evaluation have

been studied excessively in national/international communities. These unite with one of the most important aspects of education: student involvement. Starting from local authorities, students can “shout out” on their “fate”. In this situation, we will be discussing the key points of student involvement in our educational systems, our curriculums.

With this issue, I have come to end of my 2 years of EuroMeds adventure. I have always been
passionate on publications starting from high school. I was 16 when I learned how to design, how to proofread. With starting medical school, I wanted do something about publications again and EuroMeds was the “stairway to heaven” for me. During these 2 years, I have worked in eight EuroMeds Issues. I have learned new things with each issue. I can say that EuroMeds has evaluated me while I was trying to evaluate it. I would like to thank everyone who I have negotiated with, associate editors, proofreaders, designers, chief editors, contributors and EEB members, for making this journey awesome for me.

While I am coming at the end of my words, I would like to thank Işıl, Helena and Simon for their overwhelming work, Sinead and Liza for their “eagle-eyes”, and Berkay for his aestheticism during whole year. I could not have done anything without you during the year. You people rock! I hope to see you somewhere in Europe one day. I would also like to thank Vice President of Capacity, Ece Çalışan for her understandings and supports during the preparations of the issues during the year and being a great “chief” for me.

I hope to see everyone in Europe someday. Hope you enjoy the Assembly. Κάντε μια υπέροχη μέρα με τους φίλους σας! 

-Ihsan Selcuk Yurttas

EuroMeds Editor in Chief