The Organising Committee of EMSA-Budapest as well as the EMSA European Board are pleased to invite you to the 27th EMSA Autumn Assembly that will take place between the 2nd and 7th of September 2017 in Budapest (Hungary)!

The main theme of the event is Antimicrobial Resistance, an increasingly important topic on the European agenda. We welcome you to join our discussions on how this global challenge can be addressed by the European Medical Students. We will organise an engaging symposium, workshops, pillar sessions and much more.

During the plenary sessions, we will debate on policy statements, elect the new generation of the EMSA European Board 2017 – 2018 and decide on other motions.

We very much look forward to meeting with you and hope you will enjoy the Hungarian hospitality!

Orsolya Süli (OC President)
Zsanett Gunzinám (OC Vice-President)
Nóra Kerkovits (Treasurer)
József Hajnes (Fundraising)
Lilla Viola Elbert (Volunteers)


Saturday, 2nd of September:  Arrival and check-in, newcomer / National Coordinators session, opening ceremony
Sunday, 3rd of September: working day with symposium
Monday, 4th of September: working day
Tuesday, 5th of September: working day with sight-seeing tour in the morning
Wednesday, 6th of September: working day with closing ceremony in the evening
Thursday, 7th of September: check-out and departure

Budapest and How to Get there

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with about 2 million inhabitants. It is located in Central Europe.

The city is very well connected with both buses and trains. The closes airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport which operates several low-cost airlines, e.g. Wizzair, easyJet, Ryanair, AirBerlin, etc. for sometimes as cheap as 25 euros. The transport from the airport is very easy, with public bus and subway the hotel can be reached in about 45 minutes.

The meeting will be hosted by the renown Semmelweis University.

Address: Budapest, Tűzoltó street 37-43, 1094 Hungary

Visa Requirements
For visa requirements, please check with the Embassy of Hungary accredited to your country before the intended departure in order to get a confirmation. For your information, the following is a non-exhaustive list of countries that require visa: Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Kosova, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.  You may find more detailed information here .


The host will organize the event for 256 participants : 186 with accommodation, 20 without accommodation and 50 local Semmelweis students. The participation fee including five nights of accommodation and three course meals and coffee breaks is 200€ and the fee without accommodation and breakfast, but including lunch, dinner and coffee breaks is 110€.

  • Representatives’ registrations (10.04. – 01.05.2017) for members of the EEB, Local Coordinators and National Coordinators as well as invited guests,
  • Members’ registrations (11.05. – 01.06.2017) for members of EMSA, and
  • Open registrations (12.06 – 05.07 2017).

After filling in the registration form on this webpage, your application will be reviewed. Once you are accepted, you will receive a message from the Organising Committee including a detailed invoice. This amount has to be sent to the Organisers without any transfer fees or charges. The fee has to be paid within 10 days of your acceptance or you will automatically lose your reservation and your spot may be assigned to someone else.

In case all spots are reserved, you will be added to a waiting list. In case participants cancel their registration, you will then be offered to take their spot.

Details on the members registrations (i.e. how many spots per FMO) will be published in the beginning of May.

Refund policy

  • Participants will be refunded with 100%* of their registration fee in case they cancel their registration within two weeks of being accepted;
  • With 50 %* of the fee if they cancel within four weeks of being accepted;
  • Will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled any later, whereas they will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event regardless of how much time has passed since registering.
  • Special condition for all participants who are denied visa: get a guaranteed 50 %* refund if you cancel until 23.06.!** 

* minus any transfer fees or charges

** Only in case you are denied your visa, cancel and provide proof that you have been denied visa until 23.06. If more than 20 participants ask for this special refund, a budget of 2,000€ will be divided equally among them. If the budget allows it (i.e. if the spots can still be filled), the host can give you a higher refund.