Dear EMSA members,

On behalf of the EMSA Executive Board, we are officially inviting you to the upcoming virtual extraordinary General Assembly, which shall take place fully online on June 7th, 2020!

Due to the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-19, an outbreak unseen in recent history, we have been forced to cancel our Spring Assembly 2020 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The measures imposed by governments across Europe and our own responsibility towards the public and ourselves prohibit us from holding any physical gathering for the time being.

However, as life in isolation has moved to the internet, EMSA too will hold this extraordinary General Assembly on an online platform in order to attend to its most urgent business. This event will allow us to not only move ahead with important procedural operations, but will also give us all a chance to reconnect, even online, with familiar faces from all across Europe.

The preliminary agenda of the meeting shall include:

1. Opening of the General Assembly

2. Roll Call

3. Election of Constitutional Commission and Credential Commissions

4. Adoption of the Plenary Agenda

5. Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous General Assembly

6. Adoption of the Supervisory Council Report, Financial Audit and Annual Financial Report

7. Elections of the EMSA Executive Board 2020-2021

8. Elections of the Vacant EEB 2019-2020 Positions

9. Elections of the Hosts of EMSA Events

10. Elections of the Supervisory Council

11. Elections of the Financial Commission

12. Closing of the General Assembly

Due to the unique character of this GA, being the first online GA that EMSA ever holds, and also due to it being held over one day instead of multiple, several measures are necessary in order to ensure it will be an efficient, organised, transparent, relaxed and fun event for everyone. For this reason, we would advise to not hold any unnecessary, non-administrative voting procedures, including for Internal Rules changes or for policy statements. Furthermore, we require the help of everyone in these special circumstances. We especially ask the Local and National Coordinators to carefully assess and discuss all the documents that are sent before the GA, in order to have a seamless procedure. 

Further information on the platform, voting procedure and registration will follow very soon. The Executive Board and the Supervisory Council are working closely together to guarantee the quality, efficiency and transparency of all aspects.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Until then, please stay safe and protect those around you.

Kind regards,

Stay home, save lives.

-EMSA Executive Board