HelMSIC is honoured to have been elected as the host of EMSA Autumn Assembly 2019 and would like to invite all EMSAi to join us, next September, in the charming city of Athens!

The Assembly will take place at Parnis Palace Hotel, located near Parnitha Mountain, in the first week of September, when the sun is still burning bright! 

Get lost in the wild nature of Parnitha and explore Athens, a city full of history, culture, art, but also so vivid that “never sleeps”. Be prepared for an unforgettable social programme and don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our trainings, workshops and speeches and learn of course more about “A Medical Curriculum shaped by Medical Students”, the Symposium’s topic. Let this be an opportunity to learn more about Medical Education, get in contact with important external partners and identify our role as European medical students! 

We have the notion of making this Assembly a memorable event, we just need you to join us! So, will you be there? 



Owl be there in :








EMSA Autumn Assembly 2019 will take place in an idyllic spot on mount Parnitha, that is a half hour drive from the centre of Athens. 

Parnis Palace Hotel Suites is the venue that all the activities of EMSA AA 2019 will take place.

Participants will be hosted in two hotels within 200m distance from each other on Mount Parnitha, Parnis Palace Hotel Suites and Hotel Acharnes.

The adress of the venue is: 20 Th Km Parnithos Ave 13671 Acharnes Area Attica, Athens,  Greece

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