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EU Beating Cancer Plan

Designed by Freepik EMSA is happy to see the European Commission’s Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Cancer affects many people across Europe, while over 40% of all cancer cases remain preventable. Prevention is the foundation of public health policy and central to protecting and improving people’s health and well-being. Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a key opportunity to put prevention where it belongs – at the heart of the Union’s health agenda. Please see our response to the public consultation is in this document. Please also see the joint statement by over 30 European organisations where we described our calls regarding the EU Beating Cancer Plan: Joint Statement EMSA's Response to Publ... by Ece Calisan on...

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Lecturio Free Trial For EMSAi

Click here for free trial To all EMSAi, Lecturio is kindly providing a two week-long free trial! Lecturio is an all-in-one study resource for medical students that combines learning science and medical education into one easy-to-use platform. You can access a variety of high-yield medical video lectures, take a closer look at the human body with scientifically-accurate 3D anatomy models, test your knowledge and assess your learning progress by answering interactive quiz questions, and prepare for exams using the most advanced question bank available. Even better, all of Lecturio’s exam-style clinical case questions include text and video answer explanations.   Lecturio’s Mission Our MISSION is to provide students with the best learning tools, proven effective by learning science. We understand the challenges all students face as they endeavor to master the vast amount of foundational science needed to become outstanding healthcare providers. We know that true mastery of this material and the global shortage of healthcare professionals requires a paradigm shift in how medicine is taught. In order to take on this challenge, Lecturio created a high-quality digital medical education resource, which is affordable, adaptive, and personalized. We designed our platform with the needs of learners and faculty in mind, combined with the latest state-of-the-art learning technology and comprehensive monitoring and assessment features. Lecturio’s TEAM is made up of people with very diverse backgrounds and more than 250 physicians,...

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Training Systems Small Working Group Call

s Trainings and Events Team, we want to use ‘being lockdown’ to our advantage in order to make a trainings revolution! Hence, we are opening the call for EMSA Trainings Advancement Small Working Group. You can find the description of the Small Working Group here and you can apply here. “Aimed to attract..” sentences stated at the end of every subgroup is only there to give an idea. If you do not fit the criteria but are enthusiastic to work on the topic, feel free to do so. Deadline is 10/05/2020, 23.59 CEST. Apply to...

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Panel Discussion on COVID-19: Vulnerable Populations and Access to Healthcare

In EMSA, embracing the fact that Human Rights are Inalienable, Indivisible and Universal, we believe too that Health is not a privilege which can be enjoyed by the most fortunate. However, as quoted by UHC2030 “Health is a human right… but we have a long way to go until everyone can get the quality health care they need and deserve”. Violations of human rights, not only contribute to and exacerbate poor health, but for many, including people with disabilities, indigenous populations, Roma, sex workers, refugees and asylum seekers, people who use drugs, transgender and intersex people, the health care setting presents a risk of heightened exposure to human rights abuses. In this time of COVID19 pandemic, disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups are particularly exposed to the health effects of unequal access to healthcare, inadequate housing, living and working conditions, which can result in even poorer health , further discussed in our Joined Statement with EPHA and 15 more organisations. Poor mental and physical health, and pre-existing health conditions are also likely to decrease their already weakened ability to combat the virus. Discrimination, racism and domestic violence are key contributors to restricting vulnerable people’s access to good quality healhtcare even more. European Public Health Week and especially the day dedicated to “Equal Access to Health” on the 14th of May, provides us with the greatest opportunity of tackling this issue...

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