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Institutional Report for COVID-19 Impact on Medical Education

Dear healthcare workers, students and anyone who contributes to healthcare during these extraordinary days After the 11th of March 2020, our lives have changed dramatically in a way that we would never have imagined. We are facing unprecedented changes in our environment as peers in society, economies, education, and in any form of the philosophy behind “globalization”. During these days, we see how important health, science, and education are for ourselves and for future scenarios that might happen in this manner. As EMSA, we have been reviewing the ongoing situation, and now, we are publishing our perspectives on the effects of the pandemic. At the end of this report, you will find our statement regarding the ongoing situation of medical education in Europe; focusing on student engagement, distance learning, and student employment. With literature research and a conducted survey study among our member countries and faculties, we are now presenting our opinions regarding the situation. You can find our recommendations for faculties, hospitals, educational committees, higher education councils, as well as students. Institutional Report for COVID-19 Impact on Medical Education...

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[SAVE THE DATE!] COVID-19 Impact on Medical Education: Dealing the Challenges

Dear EMSAi, We hope you are safe and healthy in quarantine times. Since we are all at home, our medical education is not going on in the way we are used to. Are you worried about your medical career? Would you like to learn how you can maintain medical education as much as possible during this process ? The Medical Education Pillar Team  would like to welcome you to a webinar led by Lawrence Sherman. The main topic will be regarding COVID-19 and medical education during this process and shall be interactive -for this reason,please register and let us know your specific interests from the registration form. Brief information regarding our guest: Lawrence Sherman FACEHP, CHCP is the President of Meducate Global, LLC, a US-based organization involved in the assessment of global healthcare education systems worldwide, faculty development for educators of healthcare professionals, and support of continuing professional development in healthcare worldwide.  He also holds an International Development position with the Association for Medical Education in Europe, one of our main partners in medical education. Lawrence has been involved in medical and interprofessional education, with a concentration in continuing education, for over 25 years, and has authored numerous scholarly publications and delivered hundreds of presentations worldwide on topics related to medical education. Lawrence has also been an Educator in Emergency Medicine for the Emergency Medical Institute and Center for...

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[CALL][DDL:27.03.2020] Call for SWG:Medical Education Basics Guideline

Dear EMSAi,  As medical education pillar, we are pleased to open the call for Small Working Group :Medical Education Basics Guideline (BAGMED) and we would like to introduce a great opportunity. It is well known that advocacy in local/national/ international level is done step by step. As EMSA, our members do advocacy by acquired experience during their studies which takes a lot more time to be fully engaged in different steps. Also, the acquired experience cannot be underestimated since systematic experience is the core of education.  For this reason, we are planning to “build” a handbook that will have both knowledge about core topics of medical education (education theories, curriculum, student engagement, assessment & evaluation, etc.) and tips and tricks from experienced people. With this new guideline,we are mainly aiming to refresh the medical education pillar, engage our members and create a guide that will enlighten the path of medical education enthusiasts.  Working plan of SWG Choosing the most necessary topics for medical education enthusiasts  Preparing detailed sections regarding each topic Designing different chapters  Promotion of the guideline The link for application form can be found here. Deadline for application is 27.03.2020 23.59 CEST. For any questions, reach us through  If you want to educate your peers and spread the spirit of medical education, take a step ahead and do not hesitate to...

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[CALL][DDL:22/12] Call for ESD on Medical Education Capacity Building is On!

Call for ESD on Medical Education Capacity Building This year, our keyword is “Capacity Building”. EMSA has developed adequate experience, knowledge and enthusiasm on medical education pillar over years. Time has come to organize these assets in a systematic way that EMSA members can take the most benefit. Beginning with Autumn Assembly ‘19 Pre-AA Advocacy on Medical Education Training, we have taken a big step on building our training system for reaching excellence towards local/national and especially European level advocacy. With this European Support Divison, we will be working on developing a training system on medical education’s essentials and advocacy in medical education.  Intended workshops, expectations from ESD members and possible further projects are involved in project description!   If you think that you… : Have gained enough experience in Medical Education Love preparing trainings/workshops Love spreading your ideas Think you should have your “signature” in European Advocacy          Don’t hesitate to apply! We will enjoy working with you! Apply Now! Deadline for application: 22 December 2019, 23.59 CET If you have questions, suggestions and comments, do not hesitate to contact medical education...

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