WELCOME TO THE EMSA Autumn Assembly 2018!

The Organising Committee of EMSA-Cluj as well as the EMSA European Board are pleased to invite you to the EMSA Autumn Assembly 2018 which will take place in 1-7 September 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania!

The theme of the assembly is the eHealth Era!

For detailed information about the event, please refer to registration details section, and the event booklet (shared below).


Registrations for AA2018 is closed, thank you for your immense interest!


There will be two registration periods:

  1. Representatives’ registrations (20.04-15.05) for members of the EMSA European Board, Local Coordinators, National Coordinators and carriers of proxies as well as guests invited by EMSA Europe,
  2. Members’ registrations (25.05-20.06) for all members of EMSA.

There will be 240 spots provided with accommodation, and 25 spots for local students.

The participation fee:

  1. including accommodation is 170 €.
  2. for local members is 50 €.

Refund policy: Participants shall be refunded with 100% of their registration fee (minus any transfer fees or charges) in case they cancel their registration within two weeks of being accepted, with 50 % of the fee (minus any transfer fees or charges) if they cancel within four weeks of being accepted, and will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled any later, whereas they will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the meeting regardless of how much time has passed since being accepted.

Event booklet (all ınformatıon on logistics for aa'18 can be found here)

Educational booklet (all ınformatıon on pillar sessions & training and workshops)

Preliminary agenda of the event (may be subject to change)