Dear EuroMeds enthusiast,

Our Editorial Team is pleased to present to you the latest and greatest of EuroMeds!

In the era that humankind is still having one of the most challenging battles because of the Covid-19 pandemic, publishing the second issue focuses on our kind of new problem is more than meaningful. We are more than happy to share this precious magazine with you. Right before your eyes lies the EuroMeds 2020 Online Issue “Goodbye Summer, Welcome Medicine”! Hopefully, you will be enjoying the issue as much as we did while accepting articles from several countries and faculties!

I want to end my words with Henry David Thoreau’s brilliant sentence, which fits perfectly “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”

Hope you maintain a little bit of summer during these autumn days and afterward during the winter. Meanwhile, do not forget to enjoy this issue of EuroMeds!