It is our pleasure to announce a collaboration between EMSA Trainings and Events, EMSA Medical Ethics and Human Rights, and our dear partner EFPSA :
EMSA Mental Health Trainings!
Since this is a new initiative, I will be explaining the details under specific headlines. If you have any further questions, we are here to answer!
What is the aim?
  • Aim is to equip EMSA trainers with the tools to promote mental wellbeing on personal, local, national and international levels.
  • We aim for our trainers to gain insights and to share their experiences with their peers in creative ways (e.g. parallel training sessions on the local level).

What is the plan?

  • We, I with two dear trainers from EPSA  and our dear MEHRD Anna, are preparing 4 trainings under the following topics (in parenthesis, the dates):
    • Self Compassion (12/08/2020)
    • Stigmatization (19/08/2020)
    • Open Communication & Safe Environment  (26/08/2020)
    • Stress Management and Burnout.  (05/09/2020)
  • Participants are expected to attend all the trainings and prepare their own training with a fellow trainer for the Open Training Day (OTD) at the end of these four trainings.
  • Afterwards, trainers will be certified and will be given the opportunity to deliver similar trainings on local, national, and European levels.

Who are the trainers for trainings?

  • 4 main trainings will be delivered by Vera Levent (EFPSA, Trainings Events Responsible), Johann Börner (EFPSA,  Trainers’ Community Responsible), Anna Tapani (EMSA, Medical Ethics and Human Rights Director), Bilge Nur Ozdemir (EMSA, Trainings and Events Officer).
  • Trainings on the Open Training Day (OTD) will be prepared and delivered by the participants of aforementioned trainings.
  Who can attend the trainings? 
  • For the 4 Mental Health Trainings that are planned to be delivered by trainers from EFPSA and EMSA, certified trainers who are a member of EMSA can apply. Being an EMSA Trainer is not a must but EMSA Trainers shall be prioritized in case of an enormous number of applications. Please bear in mind that the participation to all the trainings on specified days and the attendance to OTD as a trainer is mandatory.
  • For the trainings on Open Training Day, any member can apply. Registration to OTD trainings will be shared later through another mail.
  How can we apply? 
  • If you are an interested trainer who is available on the specified days, through this form, you can apply to Mental Health Trainings until the 3rd of August, 2020, 23.59 CEST.
  • Registrations for the OTD will be shared later.