Dear EMSAis, 
On behalf of the Medical Ethics and Human Rights & the European Integration and Culture Pillars, we are happy to share with you this survey, as an attempt to gain further knowledge on medical students’ perceptions on LGBTQI+ inclusivity and education during Pride Month. Pride Month is when diversity is celebrated all over the world and we, as EMSA Europe, wanted to take a moment to dedicate our time and energy into the spirit of these celebrations! 
The goal of this survey is to gather information on where medical students stand in terms of LGBTQI+ familiarisation of Medical Students, inclusiveness of LGBTQI+ individuals in Healthcare Settings, LGBTQI+ in Medical Education and Human Rights Based Approach. The results of this survey will be incorporated in our Policy Paper on LGBTQI+ Health and Rights, as well as any other advocacy tools prepared by EMSA on LGBTQI+ Health and Rights matters. 
It should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete and your contribution is highly valuable. You can reach it through the link here. Deadline to fill out the form is 30th of June, 23.59 CEST.
Additionally, we would like to share the valuable survey of EMSA Lviv with all of you! The survey is being conducted to estimate the present psychological standing of the participants on the topic of sexual and gender minorities. Responses of all the members will be anonymous, and it takes 10 minutes to fill out the form! Deadline to fill out the form at the link is 28th of June, 23.59 CEST. For questions or comments, do not forget to reach out to EMSA Lviv!
Thank you all in advance and may the blue (or rainbow for these days) spirit of EMSA be with you!
On behalf of Medical Ethics and Human Rights & European Integration and Culture Pillars,