Dear EMSAi,
Ever since COVID-19 was declared a global public health emergency in January, the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) has been advocating the importance of correct and consistent information.
There are cases in which people have treated themselves without medical supervision because of “miracle cures” they have read about online. However, these “cures” – that are not even proven to help against COVID-19 – can have very harmful side effects and potentially be lethal (such inaccurate methods as sun exposure, alcohol and tobacco use, drinking disinfectant or spraying chlorine all over the body).
Therefore, EMSA wants to urge all medical students to be very careful and conscientious about the information they spread, whether it is going to be with fellow students or family and friends. Especially we, as future physicians, have greater responsibility and should have the knowledge to distinguish valid from invalid information. 

You can find our Statement on the Spread of Misinformation, attached here. Please share it through your national and local communication channels to be a part of our fight against the Infodemic!

EMSA Statement on the Spread of Misinformation