The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to many different policies being implemented across Europe. To map local and national policies of public health and healthcare (educational) institutions, a survey among member organizations of the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) has been conducted. Specifically, policies taken by national and local governments (including public health authorities), university hospitals, medical faculties, and by the member organizations themselves have been surveyed

We would like to thank the EMSA members of the contributing cities:


HelMSIC-Alexandroupolis Alexandroupolis
IFMSA-UvA Amsterdam
IFMSA-VUmc Amsterdam
EMSA-Gazi Ankara
EMSA-Akdeniz Antalya
HelMSIC-Athens Athens
EMSA Belgrade Belgrade
EMSA-Berlin Berlin
EMSA-Bochum Bochum
EMSA-Chisinau Chisinau
EMSA-Cluj Cluj-Napoca
EMSA-Craiova Craiova
EMSA Eskişehir Eskişehir
EMSA-Freiburg Freiburg
EMSA Giessen Gießen
IFMSA-Groningen Groningen
EMSA-Heidelberg Heidelberg
HelMSIC-Herakleion Heraklion
EMSA Iasi Iasi
HelMSIC-Ioannina Ioannina
EMSA-Yeditepe Istanbul
EMSA-Ivano Ivano-Frankivsk
EMSA-Dokuz Eylül Izmir
EMSA-Kaunas Kaunas
EMSA-Karazin Kharkiv
EMSA-Kiev Kiev
HelMSIC-Larissa Larissa
IFMSA-Leiden Leiden
EMSA Lübeck Lübeck
EMSA-Lviv Lviv
IFMSA-Maastricht Maastricht
SloMSIC Maribor Maribor
MMSA Msida
EMSA-LMU Munich Munich
EMSA Tîrgu Mureș Mureș
CyMSA-EUC Nicosia
IFMSA-Nijmegen Nijmegen
EMSA-Novi Sad Novi Sad
HelMSIC-Patras Patras
EMSA-Pavia Pavia
KOMS Prishtina
IFMSA-Rotterdam Rotterdam
EMSA-Skopje Skopje
EMSA-Sofia Sofia
EMSA-Sumy Sumy
EMSA-Tbilisi Tbilisi
EMSA-Ternopil Ternopil
HelMSIC-Thessaloniki Thessaloniki
EMSA-Timisoara Timisoara
EMSA-Turin Turin
IFMSA-Utrecht Utrecht
EMSA Valencia Valencia
EMSA-Vinnytsya Vinnytsya
EMSA-Warsaw Warsaw
EMSA-Zagreb Zagreb
EMSA ZSMU Zaporizhya