Dear EMSAi,

 As medical education pillar, we are pleased to open the call for Small Working Group :Medical Education Basics Guideline (BAGMED) and we would like to introduce a great opportunity.

It is well known that advocacy in local/national/ international level is done step by step. As EMSA, our members do advocacy by acquired experience during their studies which takes a lot more time to be fully engaged in different steps. Also, the acquired experience cannot be underestimated since systematic experience is the core of education. 

For this reason, we are planning to “build” a handbook that will have both knowledge about core topics of medical education (education theories, curriculum, student engagement, assessment & evaluation, etc.) and tips and tricks from experienced people.

With this new guideline,we are mainly aiming to refresh the medical education pillar, engage our members and create a guide that will enlighten the path of medical education enthusiasts. 

Working plan of SWG

  • Choosing the most necessary topics for medical education enthusiasts 
  • Preparing detailed sections regarding each topic
  • Designing different chapters 
  • Promotion of the guideline

The link for application form can be found here. Deadline for application is 27.03.2020 23.59 CEST. For any questions, reach us through 

If you want to educate your peers and spread the spirit of medical education, take a step ahead and do not hesitate to apply!