Dear EMSA Members,

It is our greatest pleasure to inform you that call for the CPME Intern for the next term is now open!

Who is CPME Intern of EMSA?

The CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) Intern is an appointed member of EMSA, working in the CPME Office in Brussels, offering their services to both EMSA and CPME. 


CPME – Standing Committee of European Doctors

CPME is one of the European Medical Organisations and the most important external partner of EMSA. CPME represents Νational Μedical Αssociations across Europe and it is committed to contributing to the medical profession’s point of view to EU institutions and European policy-making through proactive cooperation on a wide range of health and healthcare related issues. You can find additional information through this link.


Call for EMSA CPME Intern for the Term Spring 2020

  • The spring term will last from 2nd of March 2020 until 31st of July 2020


What Else You Need To Know About This Position 

  • You can find a detailed job description of the position here. Read this carefully before you apply. You can also watch the webinar organized by a previous CPME Intern, Vagelis Papageorgiou about the position here.
  • This is a position in the CPME Secretariat so you will be an employee of CPME.
  • The CPME Intern is one of the most important people in EMSA’s external representation and as such, the CPME Intern is part of the Department of External Affairs and is expected to take part in the work of the department and attend the EMSA General Assemblies.
  • This is a paid position and your salary will be approximately 950 – 1050€ per month with an extra 100 € in vouchers to cover your food expenses
  • Accommodation in Brussels is not provided by EMSA or CPME but there are choices for you.
  • From the moment of your appointment until the start of your internship you are expected to be available for the handover period.

What You Need To Send To Apply (in English)

  • Curriculum Vitae, stating your experience in EMSA
  • Motivation Letter (max. 2 pages)
  • A Plan Of Action for the position (max. 2 pages)
  • Certificate of EMSA Membership signed by the LC of your FMO

You can use the candidature template

You must send all relevant documents to until 21st of January 2020, 23:59 Brussels Time!

For every question you may have, you can approach the current CPME Intern, Paulius Povilonis in the email

Looking forward to your applications!

Best wishes,