Dear EMSAi, 

I am writing to inform you that the call for the Host of Training Center of Excellence 2020 is now open!

EMSA Internal Rules state TCE as:


TCE is an event that allows volunteers to develop themselves both as trainers and participants. The whole event consists of two parts:

Training New Trainers (TNT) and Training For Enthusiasts (TFE).

10.3.1 TNT

The Training New Trainers event is an annual event organised by the Trainings and Events Officer with the support of the EMSA European Board.

The aim is to equip and empower more people as soft skills trainers and members of the EMSA Trainers Network.

10.3.2 TFE

Training for Enthusiasts follows immediately after the TNT and is an opportunity for the new trainers to practice their newly acquired knowledge as they deliver sessions on various soft skills.”

So basically, EMSA TCE is ‘the’ event to bring the best out of participants for themselves, their FMOs, and EMSA in general!


Here are the requirements for the host:

● Meeting for 12-15 participants and 3-4 trainers

● Needs to hold the event in July-August

● 7-9 working days (not counting arrival/departure)

● Training New Trainers


Please use the linked candidature template and the linked budget template. Deadline for applications is December 20th! Please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President of Capacity or Trainings and Events Officer if you have any questions!

Best wishes,