Dear EuroMeds enthusiasts,

On behalf of the Editorial Team, I would like to announce the call for EuroMeds Summer Issue!

In this issue, we will be focusing on “Influence of Lifestyle on Health” and  “Mental Health of Medical Students and Doctors”.

Health is the total outcome of the behaviors we do on a daily basis. Going out, having fun, arguments in work, having exams, eating, drinking, sleeping… This list can be expanded by what comes to your mind when “daily life”. Also having different kinds of habits can affect your physical and mental well being in long term. What makes us healthier, what can we change for healtier outcomes and what can we suggest to ou patients for a better life?

It is well seen that health care professionals’ mental status cannot be ignored for a good health care service. Beginning from the educational life, all health care providers, students can face high levels of stress that may also thread life. We are sadly seeing high depression and even suicidal rates among these groups which make these questions come to mind: What is the solution?

These are the subtopics for Influence of Lifestyle on Health:
  • The impact of technology on our mental and/or physical health
  • Is your culture (e.g. diet/meals, family, religion, meditating) doctor approved?
  • Difference between urban and rural lifestyle: the good and the bad  
  • Lifestyle influence on the sleeping pattern
  • Addiction becomes a part of today’s lifestyle (Tobacco, drugs, video games, etc)
  • Taking a break is good from time to time (lifestyle includes leisure time)
  • (Medical) Mobility: experience the change of lifestyle / Changing lifestyle while moving abroad
  • Mental health (loneliness, depression) and lifestyle nowadays
  • Studying(keep your mind busy): a new form of healthcare (or treatment)
  • Lifestyle for Sale on Social Media: real or fake? (Bloggers/vloggers setting trends, but it is good for your health?)
These are the subtopics for Mental Health of Medical Students and Doctors
  • Epidemiology of Mental Health Disorders among healthcare students and professionals
  • Mental Health and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Climate Change and its impacts on Mental Health 
  • Mental Health Policies in Europe
  • Migrant and Refugee Mental Health

EuroMeds Summer Issue will be welcoming all contributors across the globe to submit their articles to be featured in these important topics.

PS: Feel free to also pick topics that haven’t been listed above!

To submit your article and supporting resources (author photo and optional pictures for our team to use in your page) please fill this form.

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Deadline for the submissions is 02.07.2019 Tuesday 23.59 CET. Please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Team for anything that comes up to your mind. We are looking forward to evaluate your contributions!

On behalf of the EuroMeds Editorial Team,

Ihsan Selcuk Yurttas (Chief Editor)