Dear EMSAi,

EMSA European Board is happy to announce that EMSA Support Fund will be employed for AA2019 in Athens, Greece! It will be the second time that EMSA supports an enthusiastic member who is active locally and motivated to contribute to EMSA on an international level. Registration fee of the awardee will be paid from the Support Fund so that an active member who has financial constraint will be able to attend the Autumn Assembly. This fund is made possible by kind contributions from EMSA members who have donated EMSA. We appreciate their kindness and recognize the blue spirit they have!


Please send your CV and motivation letter to It would be appreciated if you mention your financial constraints in the motivation letter.

The information provided will be confidential and only available to the selection committee including Treasurer and two members from the Financial Commission & Supervisory Council.


DDL for the applications: 5th of June

The result will be announced on 8th of June

The awardee will have to book his/her flights by 15th of June


National coordinators, local coordinators, individual members and FMO members (so all EMSAi) are eligible to apply for the support.


The EMSA Support Fund applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and previous contributions to EMSA and lower financial resources of the applicants will be favored.

For your questions, you can reach out to

Warm regards,

Ece Calisan

VPC 18-19