The European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) is committed to ensuring the highest standards of healthcare and medical education in a united Europe where medicine is practiced in accordance with the highest ethical principles. Thus, we have created a Manifesto that encompasses calls for actions to be taken by the European Institutions after the upcoming elections to tackle Europe’s health challenges from the perspective of European medical students!

We have chosen 6 priority calls for action to be taken by the European Institutions in the future.

  • Foster Health Literacy and Health Promotion

EMSA calls on the next European Parliament to support and acknowledge the importance of the conduction of health literacy education and ensure access of all populations to accurate and appropriate health information. Furthermore, EMSA calls to encourage European citizens to make informed choices for healthy lifestyles in order to beat non-communicable diseases by avoiding tobacco, harmful use of alcohol and unhealthy diet.

  • Tackle Communicable Diseases

EMSA calls on the next European Parliament to effectively tackle the communicable diseases in EU by increasing the public trust towards vaccines and raising awareness on antibiotic use. Furthermore, EMSA calls to show support for the One Health approach to antimicrobial resistance and implement necessary scientific and soft skills into the medical curriculum that train the future health workforce to manage vaccine hesitancy.

  • Fight Climate Change and Its Health Implications

EMSA calls on the next European Parliament to develop an overarching EU SDG strategy to guide all the actions of Member States and EU, maintain their international collaborative efforts against climate change and its health implications, and foster youth participation in regional and global climate change negotiations.

  • Promote Mental Health

EMSA encourages the recognition of mental health as a primal health issue and actively advocate against stigma on mental health. EMSA advocates for the enstorement of healthcare services in medical universities and healthcare structures, for patients as well as healthcare providers. EMSA recognizes mental health as an integral aspect and direct repercussion of human rights violations, and through its core mission condemns any discrimination against mental health patients and victims of human rights violations.

  • Include Digital Health in Medical Education

To support a meaningful digitalization of healthcare, EMSA calls the next European Parliament to (1) put training and education in digital health on the policy agenda and (2) enhance awareness and trust in digital technologies which are so far a major barrier to a large-scale implementation of eHealth. More specifically, EMSA calls to implement educational formats on digital health into medical curricula and to create platforms for faculties to exchange best practices on digital health education.

  • Address Medical Mobility and Migration

EMSA calls upon the next European Parliament to support initiatives on data collection and forecasting on the European health workforce, to improve the working environment for medical interns and doctors, to improve access to medical education and postgraduate training, to improve access to information about medical education and postgraduate training across Europe. EMSA calls the European Union to recognise the significance of the international recognition of European qualifications. EMSA encourages the next European Parliament to advocate for the fulfilment of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) criteria for Medical Schools accreditation by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) so that the European Medical Graduates can apply for the ECFMG Certification from the United States.

Document version of the EMSA Manifesto (to download, click here):

EMSA2019.020 EMSA Manifesto for the 2019 European Parliament Elections