Dear medical students across Europe,

We organised the Dry January Campaign in January 2019 as it is our annual tradition. Our Public Health Pillar dedicated this month to alcohol awareness and alcohol-related harm in youth. We shared informative posts on Facebook and sent out a folder full of useful links and materials regarding alcohol to our Faculty Member Organisations all around Europe.

This year, we focused on several important topics, such as Alcohol & NCDs, Alcohol & Cancer and Alcohol-Related Harm in Youth Organisations.

We highlighted that alcohol is one of the main risk factors causing NCDs and negatively affecting the sustainable development.

We shared “The European Code Against Cancer”, an initiative of European Commission and Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL), which is a future partner of EMSA.

We also released a survey to collect input from our members for the upcoming “EMSA Strategy to Prevent Harmful Use of Alcohol at EMSA Events” that will serve as a guideline to plan healthier EMSA Events. You can give input until 05.02.2019.

We believe in a Europe free from alcohol-related harm!

Together, let’s be the generation who beats the NCDs!