Dear EMSA members,

As the end of year is marking, our partnership MoU with Approbation4U is also expiring. We wanted to share our thanks for their valuable partnership with our association in 2018.

Approbation4U is a healthcare networking company from Germany which was founded by two EMSA Alumni, Jannis Papazoglou, MD and Safa Cansi, MD, in the beginning of 2018. The consultancy company has shown a great development throughout the year with many new partners throughout the continent and neighbours, one of them proudly being EMSA.

As being one of the very few consultancy companies in Europe focusing on trusted advisory services on mobility of medical doctors into/within EU, Approbation4U was one of our important strategic partners and in the same time one of our main sponsors for the year 2018. According to our MoU, EMSA members who want to practice medicine in Germany after graduation could have enjoy %10 discount in Approbation4U’s fee. Jannis and Safa commit to continue to offer this unique advantage to EMSA members 3 more months (till 31.03.2019). Only thing you should do to use the advantage is to fill up the contact formula on their webpage including the code in the text part: “Rue Guimard 15”.

We are looking forward to work with Approbation4U again and we wish you happy holidays with your families. We can not wait to meet you and our EMSA Alumni in Heidelberg in SA’19!