EMSA Spring Assembly 2019 will take place in Heidelberg, Germany between 24th and 29th of April 2019. The official theme of the assembly is Medical Mobility & Migration.
The first period of registrations is now open:
  1. Representatives’ registrations (22.10.2018 – 12.11.2018) for members of the EMSA European Board, Local Coordinators and National Coordinators as well as proxies.

  2. Members’ registrations (22.11.2018 – 13.12.2018) for all members of EMSA,

*EMSA Europe and the Organising Committee reserve the right to accept registrations and to make changes to this timeline. The registration is possible through the EMSA webpage.
If none of the Local Coordinators from your FMO can attend, you can register one proxy carrier instead.
Registration fee: 
The participation fee including accommodation & catering will be 220 €. The participation fee without accommodation and breakfast is 150 €. The participation fee for local students (without accommodation and breakfast) is 150 .
  • PreSA for NCs: 23.04 – 24.04. The fee is 20 € and will include accommodation (same place), the necessary materials, coffee breaks and meals (dinner on the 23rd, breakfast and lunch on the 24th). The registration for the NC preSA programme is only available to National Coordinators or one NC proxy per country.

  • PostSA Field Trip: There are two possible field trip options upon which the OC would like you to decide upon! Please fill this form to voice your desire regarding the field trip. They are as follows:

    a) A camping trip to the ODENWALD, the huge forest right next to Heidelberg. We will have time for cycling trips and walking adventure. Accommodation will be in tents or similar.

    b) A roadtrip by bus through southern Germany with stops in typical tourist cities on the Romantic Road (https://www.romanticroadgermany.com) such like Rothenburg o.d.T. or Neuschwanstein Castle.

*The Post SA Fieldtrip fee will be something between 50€ (option a) and 90€ (option b) including transportation, 2 nights of accommodation and meals (2 dinners and 2 breakfasts).
Important links:
  • For more information and for the registration form, please go to the EMSA webpage!
  • Stay updated through our Facebook event!
  • For event related questions, get in touch with the EMSA Trainings and Events Officer at teo@emsa-europe.eu
  • For logistical questions, get in touch with the Organising Committee at SA19@emsa-europe.eu 

Refund policy:

  • Participants will be refunded with 100%* of their registration fee in case they cancel their registration within two weeks of being accepted;
  • with 50 %* of the fee if they cancel within four weeks of being accepted;
  • will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled any later, whereas they will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event regardless of how much time has passed since registering.

* minus any transfer fees or charges

More details about the event will be available in the Event Booklet (in the upcoming weeks), which will be accessible through EMSA Webpage. EMSA European Board and Organising Committee of EMSA Heidelberg are working hard to provide the best experience, with fruitful plenaries, pillar sessions, workshops, activities, social program and much more!