On the afternoon of July 15th, EMSA Executive Board (EB) Elect 18-19 gathered together for the first Face to Face meeting of the 18-19 term in Koc University, Istanbul. This meeting was the first of its kind in EMSA , where EB elect members planned for the upcoming term and discussed initiatives that will shape the direction of the association in 18-19 term.

 All members of the EB elect, Tugce Cetin (President Elect 18-19), Nick Xifaras (Secretary General 17-19), Atalay Demiray (Treasurer Elect 18-19), Yordan Kovatchev (VP Internal Elect 18-19), Orsolya Suli (VP External 17-19), and Ece Calisan (VP Capacity Elect 18-19) were present in the meeting. The meeting took place in two sessions (13.00-15.00 and 15.30-17.00), and many fruitful discussions and decisions took place during this period.

 Excerpts from the discussions can be accessed below.

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1. European Board (EEB) Annual Plan 

Nick Xifaras (Secretary General 17-19) briefly explained the strengths and shortcomings of the annual plans implemented by previous boards. Board members brainstormed on the ideal annual plan for the upcoming term, and the steps needed to create one.

2. EEB + EEB Elect Handover & Teambuilding F2F Meeting

Tugce Cetin (President Elect 18-19) shared the draft agenda and vision for the EEB + EEB Elect F2F meeting, a meeting that is first of its kind in EMSA, and will take place after Autumn Assembly 2018 (7-9 September). A discussion on the ideal combination of handover sessions, team-building sessions and workshops followed. The meeting is planned to integrate more trainings to help the soft-skill development of board members, one-to-one handover sessions, and workshops on the EEB matters such as partners, EMSA resources and communication to aim for a seamless integration process of the new board.

3. Grants Application Process

Kubilay Kaymaz (Treasurer 17-18) joined the meeting to give information on the available grants for European Non Governmental Youth Organizations, and provided insight into the strategy for grants applications. EB elect discussed the possible options, and will be working in the upcoming months to apply to project grants for 17-18 term!

4. European Priorities

After discussing the matter during the EEB F2F meeting, board members with moderation of Orsolya Suli (Vice President of External Affairs 17-19) discussed the possible changes in the existing priorities of EMSA (Ehealth, AMR, vaccination, medical migration, refugee health, interprofessional collaboration, gender equality) and ideas on how to ensure follow up and implementation of the priorities in the DIA activities in 18-19 term. The board agreed upon the rebranding of external priorities to European priorities, and planned the implementation of projects agenda to ensure focus into all priorities in different periods during the term.

5. Spring Assembly 2019 & BlueCon 2019

During this session, board members discussed the possible theme proposal for the SA2019, and work division for the event. Moreover, BlueCon, the newest EMSA Europe event that brings together pillar sessions, workshops and soft-skill development was discussed. Board members brainstormed on the ideal agenda to provide most productive environment for participants.