EMSA European Board Members have gathered in Istanbul, Turkey for a Face2Face Meeting between 13 and 16 July 2018. The host of the event is the wonderful EMSA Koç at Koç University. 12 Board members gathered to discuss various subjects and planned for the year. The meeting was very productive and included discussions and decisiding upon EMSA matters. The meeting consisted of three working days, including one open day with sessions for interested EMSA members.

The agenda of the meeting with overview of the discussions can be found below for your convenience. 

FRIDAY 13.07.18

1. Welcome message

The Board has been welcomed by the Vice Dean of the Koc Medical Faculty, Prof. Dr. Kemal Baysal. He has shared information about the Faculty and history of the hospital.

2. EMSA Newsletter

Following the recent comments from EMSA members regarding the amount of information sent by the EEB, the Board has decided to address this issue. A monthly Newsletter will be prepared, starting August. It will cover all EMSA News. Each Department will be responsible for their own content.

3. Scientific Exchange Program

An idea of an exchange emerged among the EEB Members. It would be similar to Twinning, but research and science based. More information will follow soon. Lili Diana Szabo (Medical Science Director) is taking care of this subject.


4. New email signatures and web site Pillar updates

Jan Skrzypczak (PRO) has presented the new EMSA EEB email signatures. A discussion on PIllar web pages indicated that they we need a more uniform approach to them.


SATURDAY 14.07.18

1. External Priorities 17/18 and 18/19

Orsi Suli (Vice President of External Affairs) briefly explains the priorities we have had since January 2018. The Board decided that 1 term long external priorities are not very sustainable with our Officers having less than optimum time to do follow up. 3 years long priorities could allow EMSA to have stronger and longer term external partners. Further decision-making will follow on this matter.


2. Policy making in EMSA

Felix Machleid (European Health Policy Director) explains the new policy system. It is enthusiastically acclaimed. A discussion on guidelines and templates for Policies followed.


3. Financial matters

Kubilay Kaymaz (Treasurer) started the session with outlying the upcoming budget. Afterwards, a discussion on the Small Working Group on finances and on the reimbursement policy followed.


4. HR Updates

Batuhan Ocbe (Resource Development Officer) led a session on team spirit, motivation and needs assessment.


5. Status of appointed Officers

Orsolya Suli (VPE) presented this topic which was initially proposed by Vagelis Papageorgiou. EMSA needs a new, uniform approach to its appointed Officers. Some solutions have been proposed.


SUNDAY 15.07.18

1. Improving the effectiveness of EMSA PR campaigns & post review system

The EEB revised the rules of the social media posting system. A workshop on improving EMSA public relations followed.


2. Handover documents and annual reports

The EEB has approaching deadlines regarding the handover documents and annual reports to be filled for the term.


3. Autumn Assembly 2018

Tugce Cetin (Vice President of Capacity) presents the agenda of the AA18. The theme of the Assembly is e-health. Sessions and other activities will relate to the theme.


4. “Why EMSA”

Nick Xifaras (Secretary General) shares the idea to produce a nice brochure about all the benefits from being in EMSA. The project is already ongoing in collaboration with all the Departments.


5. Reflections of the term

Teuta Azizi (EMSA President) led a session about Board Members’¬†experiences and thoughts about their term.