With the rise of information and communication technology, medicine is being transformed at a pace never seen before. Yet healthcare systems around the globe are struggling to use the full available potential of the newly available tools. Moreover, new knowledge and skills are required in the healthcare workforce, but medical faculties lack vision and are often slow to adopt technology.

With eHealth being an emerging hot topic in the healthcare field at the moment, we believe that us, as medical students, need to learn more about it and openly discuss the matter on an European level. The European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) through the European Health Policy Pillar is committed to a advocate for a successful and meaningful digitalization of the healthcare sector and an adequate update of the medical curricula, in frame with the perspective view of the medical students across Europe.

The European Health Policy Pillar has prepared a short survey, where students all over Europe can express their opinion and their experience with different aspects of eHealth.

The results of the survey will be made public in September at the EMSA Autumn Assembly in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with the main theme “The eHealth era”. They will be published and our recommendations shall be presented to the eHealth Stakeholder Group of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION. A policy statement will also be issued for our external partners and EU institutions.

The survey will be open until JULY 6th 2018, 23:59 CET. Please fill it up and help us spread the word by sharing it with fellow students and friends from different universities across Europe.