Are you a health professions’ student? Have you ever felt frustrated and wanted to improve your education? Do you wish to broaden your horizons?

EMSA is really happy to announce the creation of the likepage AMEE Students. AMEE is the Association for Medical Education in Europe with the mission to promote excellence in Medical and Health Professions’ Education. It also gives the chance to EMSA members and medical students across Europe to be represented in the AMEE Executive Committee.

At the same time, AMEE is giving numerous opportunities to students worldwide. Through these opportunities, students can learn and explore more while taking a more active role to change their own education. Through, this likepage all healthcare students worldwide will have the chance to be informed first for every opportunity in the amazing world of medical education!

In celebration of this launch, we have planned a social media campaign with the title “Meet AMEE” Campaign in order for you to know more about AMEE and find out how you can be involved.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us and explore the amazing world of Medical Education!