EMSA President Dr Teuta Azizi together with CPME President Dr Jacque De Haller, UEMS Treasurer Dr Bernard Maillet and BMA EU Public Affairs Officer Robert Delis attended a meeting with the Health Commissioner Dr Vytenis Andriukaitis on 14th May 2018 at the European Commission to discuss Alcohol Beverages Labelling.

The European Medical Professions representatives raised the mutual concern on the exemption of the alcohol beverages from the EU Reg 1169/2011 and the alcohol industry self-regulatory proposal , by which we strongly believe there is no argument for not labelling alcohol beverages and not allowing the consumers to know what they are consuming and that we hope that this matter is concluded before the end of this legislation. The EMO Representatives highlighted that the self-regulatory proposal of the Industry rules out the EC recommendation of having a harmonized proposal and also that having information on the ingredients online does not ensure equal access to information.

Dr Andriukaitis shares the same concerns and shared his experience on how complicated it was to build the report and conclude the outcome. The EC will analyse their assessment of the situation. He added that input from the stakeholders is very important to this challenging exercise and encouraged us to raise our voice on the matter in other DGs and also publicly.

Before concluding the meeting Dr Andriukaitis encouraged us to be vocal on the Future of health in the EU.