Today, EMSA Executive Board members gathered together in Warsaw for the second Executive Board Face to Face meeting of the term! Between 11-13th of May, EB members will discuss various matters concerning our association, including Quo Vadis, members involvement, external priorities for the upcoming terms, transparency and constitutional memory. The board members present in the meeting are Teuta Azizi (President 17-18), Nick Xifaras (Secretary General 17-19), Tugce Cetin (Vice President of Capacity 17-18 & President Elect 18-19), Orsolya Suli (Vice President of External Affairs 17-19), and Kubilay Kaymaz (Treasurer 17-18).

 Through the F2F meeting, EB members are hosted by EMSA Warsaw members and will be working in EMSA Warsaw office. We thank EMSA Warsaw for their amazing hospitality!