publıc health dırector and permanent offıcer ıntervıew

Esra Zhubi

Public Health Director 2017-2018

Vagelis Papageorgiou

Permanent Officer 2017-2018

1. please tell us about your work ın emsa:


As the Public Health Director for the 2017/18 term, I aim to work for a Europe of universal well-being, where all policies and practices promote health and where all have equal access to a high quality health system. By planning and initiating different campaigns and projects, I intend to raise awareness on different health issues around Europe. All of this is achieved by working closely with other EMSAi who are into untiring advocating for preventive medicine and health education.


In EMSA, this term I currently have the position of the Permanent Officer. As part of this, I am working in CPME – The Standing Committee of European Doctors in Brussels. It is a very exciting position as I am learning more about policies in the European level, I am attending external events on behalf of EMSA and I am also working with the amazing Department of External Affairs.

2. what is your favourite moment in emsa ?


My favorite EMSA moment goes back to Autumn Assembly 2016 in Prishtina, Kosova. That time I was a member of the Organizing Committee, taking care of Sponsoring & Fundraising. I believe I was lucky enough to witness the over all process of what just seemed an interesting idea turn into a perfectly organized assembly hosting more than 200 participants from all over Europe.


My favorite moment in EMSA would have to be my very first EMSA Meeting back in 2014 in Samsun. The feelings I had during those days are unique.

3. what do you dream to do in future ?


My dream and ambition would be to join the Doctors Without Borders and volunteer in third world countries. In order to deeply understand and work harder towards our goal of an equal healthcare for everyone, one should step out of their comfort zone, travel to the remote countries of the world and come face to face with unprivileged and deprived nations of proper health care.


I dream of becoming a psychiatrist and maybe a professor in a university!

4. do you have a motto, ıf yes, what ıs ıt ?


No matter what you’re doing, jump with all your heart!



I don’t have a motto!

5. What is the definition of emsa blue spirit to you ?


I believe EMSA Blue Spirit is that kind of extraordinary energy which pushes people of different nationality, culture and background to unite and work together toward a unique mission such as a healthy and solidary Europe. But, there is only so much that can be said about the Blue Spirit, the rest has to be felt and experienced.


All my EMSA friends and the thing you are feeling every time you are surrounded by these people.

6. describe emsa in just three words (Health, europe, together is not allowed):


A unique experience, a generator of endless opportunities, but most of all, a family.


Friends, volunteering and new-experiences (almost 4 word :P)

7. now some fun questions. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?


I was going to Paris, I was with friend of mine and we were in Gare du Nord station in Brussels. We had to be in the bust station 15 minutes before and we were there 20 minutes earlier. Bu we couldn’t find the actual stop. So I started running in Gare du Nord trying to find our way and I was yelling to my friend: ”COME ON! WE ARE LOSING THE BUS!”.  Word of advice, if you are travelling with Flixbus and you don’t know where the bus stop is, be there 30 minutes earlier at least. I had trouble in Brussels, Amsterdam and Venice with that! It is impossible to find something without signs, Flixbus company.




A photo of my cat sleeping.


9. How do your friends describe you?


Stubborn for sure! Also loyal, funny and supportive!


10. What is the funniest way of annoying people?



By laughing in serious situations!

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