Dear EMSA/EPSA members,

After the long holiday season of drinking with our friends and family and fairy lights brightening up the long nights of winter, it is time we start the Dry January Campaign. If you want to do something amazing for your health, this is your chance. This January we invite you and your friends to go 30 days alcohol-free.

The purpose of this campaign, initiated by EMSA and EPSA, is to promote self-care and moderate drinking habits. This is a chance to recover your physical and mental health wellbeing, increase yourself awareness and detect possible drinking problems early. We encourage to take part every student who drinks at least once a week or whoever is curious to know more about their relationship with alcohol.

Understand the extent of the benefits, possibilities, and positivity of a future without alcohol. These are infinite. Above and beyond the obvious positives such as money not wasted, zero hangovers, no fear of what you might have said or done the night before, the feeling of freedom combined with how you feel about yourself after escaping this trap is indescribable.

Make the decision. The positive aspects of quitting alcohol should tip you in the right direction to make the decision to go for this. Firmly make this decision and move forward with the next steps. You will gain a positive outlook on life, increase self-control and feel better about your accomplishment.

Have a dry not-drinking buddy. Share your decision and tell your friends and family what you are doing. Invite them to join you on this amazing journey. It is important to keep in mind that if your friends quit, don’t be tempted to jump off the wagon with them.

Journal your experience and share it. Keep a journal of each day about the challenging moments and how you overcame them. Let us know about your journey by sharing your story in social media. Do not forget to use the hashtags: #DryJanuary #NoAlcohol #EMSA #EPSA #yourFMO.

Enjoy the journey. You don’t meet people that regret quitting alcohol or miss it. They enjoy life so much more. Once this enjoyment is firmly established, and you realize there is nothing to miss, your life will become infinitely better.

Join the challenge and you will:

  •         Have a fresh outlook on your alcohol consumption
  •         Feel more energetic and be more productive
  •         Have a healthier and happier bank balance
  •         Increase self control and repair your strained liver
  •         Cut the calories and lose weight
  •         Have a sense of pride for your achievement