Medical science director and european instutiton liason officer ıntervıew


European Instutions Liason Officer 2017-2018


Medical Science Director 2017-2018

1. please tell us about your work ın emsa:


I am the European Institutions Liaison Officer, who is part of the Department of External Affairs (DEA). My main responsibility is to ensure that EMSA works for interprofessional collaboration, with maintaining already existing and establishing new relations with other student organizations. I also help out the Vice President of External Affairs and the DEA in other external businesses.


I coordinate all the projects that are related to Medical Science. We are organising awareness day, collaborating with other pillars and associations and try to attend those conferences where we can promote the Medical Science spirit of EMSA.

2. what is your favourite moment in emsa ?


The opening ceremony of the Autumn Assembly in Budapest.


My favourite moment was, when the first online issue of EuroMeds was publsihed for the first time ever.

3. what do you dream to do in future ?


I would like to work in the field of Global Health, either in the WHO, other NGO or the EU.


I would really like to make Medical Sciece a solid Pillar of EMSA together with my assistants. My dream is to reach out as many EMSA members as we can with our programmes.

4. do you have a motto, ıf yes, what ıs ıt ?


What will survive of us is love.


Do it better

5. What is the definition of emsa blue spirit to you ?


Thinking about what the blue spirit is will always bring back the memories of the AA 2016 in Kosovo, the story of the sheep and the feeling of peaceful wholeness in that moment.


The blue spirit is that connects us all and keeps buzzing in our hearts to do great thing together.

6. describe emsa in just three words (Health, europe, together is not allowed):


Friends, change, opportunity.


European Dreams of Future

7. now some fun questions. 5) If you had to choose one cause to dedicate your life to, what would that cause be?


For me the “purpose of life” is already fulfilled if I helped even one person along the way, therefore any cause that does that would make me happy.


Protecting women of violence

8. final question: what is your spirit animal ?




A roaring tiger

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