Between 15-18th of December, EMSA European Board had a Face-to-face meeting in Athens, Greece. 12 board members gathered to discuss various subjects and planned for the year. The meeting was extremely productive  with many crucial items being discussed and decided upon among board members. The meeting consisted of three working days, one open day, and one day of excursion and teambuilding.

EMSA European Board wholeheartedly thanks HelMSIC Athens for their immense efforts in hosting the board members.

The agenda of the meeting with overview of the discussions can be found below for your convenience.



In 15th of December, EMSA EEB visited the Milk Tree event and contributed to the tree and celebrations, which was co-hosted by Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) – Greece and HelMSIC-Athens. The tins of milk that was donated by volunteers and Athenians throughout the day will be distributed to thousands of households in need across Greece during the holiday season. This unique way of celebration in front of the historic Athens University was a great way to remind everyone the beauty of solidarity.

Expectation, SupCo and NC Relations with EEB

After visiting the Milk Tree, the EEB gathered and officially started the F2F meeting by discussing the general expectations for the term. Then, the board discussed the relationship between SupCo and EEB and the results of the joint EB-SupCo Online meeting, which took place in Brussels during EB F2F, were shared. All the members of the EEB agreed that special care should be applied in improving the communication between the two bodies. In addition, the contact with the National Coordinators was discussed, and the Board members were enthusiastic to try and reestablish the EEB-NC buddy system.

PR Information + Policy for 2018

In this session, EMSA Vice President of Capacity, Tugce, shared the Public Relations Policy for the year 2018, which includes some changes on the quality assurance guidelines for all EMSA publications, including website and social media posts. The new policy will ensure all material published under EMSA platforms to comply with EMSA Identity Guidelines. Next in the session, EuroMeds Online issues, and how to add contributions to EEB newsletter section of each magazine was discussed. This year, EEB aims to share more information about the inner workings of the EEB, and the activities of the board to its members, in order to increase accountability and transparency. From the beginning of next year, our members will see an even more active EMSA on all of its outlets.

Security Updates

EMSA Secretary General, Nick, updated the EEB on some security-related matters regarding the integrity of the online communications. He informed the Board that there had been an ongoing threat to the security of the EMSA systems, which he has taken strong measures to prevent. Nevertheless, he reminded everyone to be mindful over the use of the system and to report all suspicious behaviour immediately.

Updates on Assistants

The structure and task division of EEB assistants was discussed. EEB will strive for more involvement of assistants in OLMs, discussions and decision making processes in order to furthermore integrate them into the EEB structure.

December 16th, 2017

Resource Development and Budget Discussion

Followed by a brief section of updates from our new and possible partners, Resource Development Officer, Batuhan, mentioned that each partner is unique, and if there is a single free spot offered to an EMSA Member in an International  event, that we can provide with a contract, we would be happy to work towards it. Some updates about AMBOSS will follow after Christmas.

Kubilay, EMSA Treasurer, extensively explained the current and prospective situations of EMSA budget. He also explained how to navigate in the Drive to find all relevant financial documents for the sake of transparency. EEB has discussed the roadmap for grant applications too in this session. It was very important that all EEB members are content with the EMSA budget and finances. Kubilay completed the Resource Development and Budget session with thanks for all the valuable contributions from the rest of the Board.

Reimbursement Claims Workshop 

Kubilay has delivered an interactive session on how to make reimbursement claims. He had asked the Officials Board to submit their reimbursement claims along with the proof of expenses before the EEB F2F in order to check some of them and spot the common mistakes together. It was an opportunity for board members to learn more about reimbursement rules that would enable them to get their payments faster.

Annual Working Plan Discussion 

Nick, EMSA Secretary General shared the EB proposal to include drive restructuring and Quo Vadis as part of each EEB member annual working plan. Discussions took place, everyone shared their input and ideas and agreed to add them.

Human Resources Session & Analysis of the Group Dynamics 

Batuhan, EMSA Resource Development Officer, has finally started with the Human Resources section of his position. Before the meeting, Batuhan asked all EEB Members to take a Myers Briggs personality test, and submit their results. During the Session, the essentials of the test, the meaning of each section and personality traits were discussed, followed by revealing of personality type results for each member of EEB and some reminders and things to be aware of were shared. The European Board were surprised to see how the test results and the persons that they work with so far correlated. Human Resources Sessions will continue in the following International Events and F2F Meetings.

Spring Assembly 2018 

EMSA Vice President of Capacity, Tugce, has shared the draft agenda for the Spring Assembly 2018, which will take place between 23-28th of March 2018 in Ohrid, Macedonia. Board members analyzed the agenda, and discussed several additions to the program. After receiving the feedback from previous events, and in line with the board priorities for the term 17-18, for this assembly the board aims to provide more in depth educational programme, with more workshops and more interactive symposium.

EMSA External Priorities 

The EMSA Department of External Affairs thinks that it would be highly beneficial to identify External Priorities for the term. We asked all pillar directors to choose one topic that they would like to focus on in the upcoming year and submit it until the 31st December. DEA will contact NCs and LCs in the beginning of 2018 for input and considering their ideas, will submit (maximum 6) External Priorities for EMSA for the term 2017/2018.

EMSA Pillar Focus Points

Our discussions included the focus points of each pillar. Among relevant projects, DIA will strive to evaluate all activities carried out throughout the whole term. The evaluation system in the form of a database will serve as a tool to improve the projects done and to coordinate our efforts to offer our members activities according to their needs.

Policy Writing / Qualitative Policies Workshop

Felix, European Health Policy Director held a session on effective policy writing. It focused on clarifying the status-quo according to the IRs and elaborating on the suggestions for improvement made by workshop participants at the AA17. A proposal from EMSA Germany to improve the quality of EMSA policy statements was presented. The main idea is a review-based system to secure defined quality standards operating within in a specific time frame before the GAs. A template for policy statements will help writers to adhere to standards of structure, format and citation method of literature. EEB discussed the proposal and gave input mainly on the distribution of responsibilities regarding the supervision of the review system. The input will be considered by EMSA Germany finalizing the proposal.

EEB Quarterly Reports + Overhaul of Drive and Intranet 

The EEB discussed the quarterly reports, and more importantly the changes that will be implemented this year by the SupCo and EB to make them more meaningful and relevant. Afterwards, Nick introduced everyone to the future overhaul and major update to the EMSA EEB Drive and the EMSA Intranet. This update is considered important, as the current structure and content of the digital infrastructure is unproductive and cumbersome. The whole Board, in conjunction, agreed on their desired structure for the Drive and decided to start working on their respective part of it.

Open Day 

During Open Day EMSA President took the chance to show appreciation to HelMSIC and HelMSIC Athens for hosting us in beautiful Athens. EMSA VPC shared a presentation of EMSA activities to the attendees. Also, EMSA EHP answered questions regarding FMO involvement in policy writing and advocacy.

Social Program & HelMSIC Christmas Party 

After the open day, board members and HelMSIC members went to a dinner to enjoy Gyros together and discuss many issues. After the dinner, EMSA Europe joined the HelMSIC Christmas Party which took place in the University of Athens at Saturday night, and enjoyed the party.

December 17, 2017

HR Updates 

After the Christmas party, EMSA RDO, Batuhan started the last day of the F2F meeting with some reminders about the European Board Spirit and the EEB traditions as a whole and during EMSA International Events.

Quo Vadis Discussion 

EMSA President and EMSA Secretary General shared the proposed structure and timeline of Quo Vadis that they worked on at the EB F2F in Brussels with the EMSA European Board to get their input and ideas. A concrete timeline was set and tasks were divided among EEB members, team leaders were assigned, a draft proposal is to be prepared and send out for input from NCs, LCs, SupCo and Alumni.

Website Workshop

Tugce, EMSA VPC presented the new website builder to board members, and shared some practical tips in order to use the website more efficiently. In this section, she also presented the EMSA Intranet structure and the EEB learned how to upload items, and make changes to Intranet.

EWE goes BlueCON& EMSA Festival of Pillars

EMSA VPI shared the EB proposal to change the concept of EWE to BlueCON which will include all pillars and possibly JEPs and will take place in another more adequate time than it currently is. EMSA President will share the project proposal draft on which EEB will work on until Spring Assembly when it will be presented to EMSA members and put up for discussions, input and suggestions.

Photo time for EEB Intro Week 

During lunch break, EEB gathered together for a photoshoot with the new official term t-shirts. The new photos of our EEB will be able to be seen from EMSA Europe website, under European Board 17-18 section.

EB Time & SWG on past policy papers arrangement 

At the closing session, Officials Board members worked as a small working group to locate and arrange the past policy papers of EMSA in the drive. Meanwhile, Executive Board had a one to one discussion with the Officials Board members about the expectations of the board members and generally how the term is going so far.

December 18, 2017

Sightseeing & Social Program

After working long hours on important matters in the F2F agenda, in the last day of the F2F board members had the chance to explore the beautiful Athens and work on their teambuilding efforts. The boardies visited the Acropolis Museum, and also together explored the Greek cuisine in a restaurant then a dessert shop. Then they moved to a hill to see the city of Athens from high above.