In 24-26 November, EMSA Executive Board 2017-2018 attended the CPME General Assembly as a delegation for the first time in many years. The CPME General Assembly and Board Meeting took place in Brussels. The Executive Board took an active part in the event, attended the working groups sessions on Friday, and attended the General Assembly in Saturday, where EMSA’s activities were presented to the assembly by EMSA President Teuta Azizi.

CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) is an organization which aims to promote the highest standards of medical training and medical practice in order to achieve the highest quality of healthcare for all patients in Europe. The organization consists of 28 member states, and EMSA is the only student organization which is recognized as an associate organization in CPME.

fırst day of the meetıng:

In the first day of the CPME General Assembly, the Executive Board  managed to attend working groups focusing on Refugee Health, eHealth, and Diet and Nutrition. All the working groups delivered sessions on analyzing the surveys they have sent to the Member States to gather input on the issues at hand. The sessions were designed in such a way to reach conclusions regarding CPME’s further action on Refugee Health, Diet and Nutrition, and eHealth. Also the pillar directors will actively get involved in these working groups so EMSA will be constantly in touch with the European Agenda.

After the working group sessions, the Board gathered together to start the EB F2F. During the evening, important subjects including Quo Vadis 2020 (EMSA Strategic Plan), communication within the board and related bodies, evaluation of the handover period, registration of the board in Moniteur Belge (Belgian Official Gazette) and EMSA Europe Bank Account registration were discussed within the board members.