On 23rd November, ourĀ EMSA President Teuta Azizi was present at the “Alcohol and Cancer” debate hosted by Biljana Borzan MEP as part of the Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm (AWARH17), with the aim to raise Awareness among EU policymakers of the harms caused by alcohol.

The debate was opened by Biljana Borzan MEP. It was followed by MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) and MEP Liver Group introductions. A presentation by Marilys Anne Corbex, from the WHO Regional Office for Europe, highlighted the alcohol-attributable mortality in Europe by liver cirrhosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, intentional/unintentional damage. Cancer accounts for 12% of alcohol-attributable disease.

Dr. Thierry Ponchon, President of the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) shared his expertise on Alcohol and Digestive Cancers Across Europe. Ana Sarasa Renedo, PhD, MPH from DG-Joint Research Centre shared the data of the latest research and activities in cancer and alcohol.

After several discussions, the closing remarks were made by Mariann Skaner from European Alcohol Policy Alliance and the event was concluded.


from the debate:

Europe is in the lead of drinking alcohol but not in the lead of prevention delated policies!