EMSA was invited to participate in the UEMS Fall Council Meeting 2017 taking place from 20th to 21st of October in Brussels. Our Permanent Officer, Vagelis Papageorgiou, represented EMSA in this meeting.

UEMS is the European Union of Medical Specialists and with members from 37 countries, it is the representative organisation of the National Associations of Medical Specialists in the European Union. UEMS represents over 1.6 million medical specialists in all specialties. It also has strong connections with European Institutions (European Commission and Parliament), other independent European Medical Organisations and European Medical / Scientific Societies.You can find more information about UEMS and its activities here.

The first day, the following Working Groups took place:

  • eHealth
  • Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development
  • Postgraduate Training
  • Quality in Patient Care and Specialist Practice in current Health Systems

EMSA participated in the Working Group of the Postgraduate Training. In this group, Professor Nigel Bax questioned the training requirements and the way the junior doctors are evaluated in the European countries. Then, the Working Group presented its activities since the previous UEMS Meeting and discussed the areas which will be explored the following months.

In the plenary sessions on the second day of the UEMS Council Meeting, National Medical Associations discussed the administrative issues of the organization such as the budget for the next term and the updates on training requirements of some specialities. The other issues addressed during the plenary were Brexit and the hunger strike of physicians in Poland. UEMS will actively support the respective members in these issues.

The main highlight of our participation in the Council Meeting was presenting EMSA and our activities for the term 2016/17 to all members during the plenary. After that, we exchanged new ideas with the members of the Executive Board and we also discussed further collaborations with multiple sections of the UEMS.

The next UEMS Council Meeting will take place in Marrakech, Morocco between 27-28 April 2018.