Dear EMSA Members,

After the Vacant EEB Positions Call, we are pleased to announce the results of the interim appointments by the EMSA Executive Board:

  • President Interim: Teuta AZIZI, KOMS.

  • Resource Development Officer Interim: Batuhan OCBE, EMSA Gazi.

We are also excited to share with you multiple open positions and working committees that you can apply. In order for your candidature to be valid, please use the attached TEMPLATE for the motivation letter, do not forget to add your CV and your Certification of your EMSA membership and send them to before 20.10.2017 23.59 Brussels Time.

Below are the available positions, you can candidate for:

1) Vice President for External Affairs Interim

As the VPE-Elect Teuta Azizi has appointed as President Interim, she has resigned from her Elect Position and now this very important position is open for new applications! The term of the appointments are until end of SA2018.

VPE shall:

  • be responsible for the coordination of the European Institutions Liaison Officer and EMSA interns to professional organisations (such as CPME-PO and WHO-PO).

  • be responsible for the coordination of EMSAs external representation and advocacy

  • assist the directors and the EEB with policy creation and follow up

  • monitor the public consultations and calls for working groups of the European Commission together with the Health Policy Director.

  2) EuroMeds Editor in Chief SA2018

Did you ever think of creating your own magazine? EMSA can help you put first difficult step in this direction! We are now looking for an Editor in Chief for the main EMSA publication: EuroMeds to be released at our Spring Assembly 2018 (March 2018, Ohrid, Macedonia). Here is your chance to take charge as the Editor in Chief of Euromeds SA’18 with the theme “Disaster Medicine”. This year, for the first time, Euromeds Editor in Chief will be responsible of the creation of the editorial team and coordinating the publication of EuroMeds Online Edition, which is a monthly thematic issue of EuroMeds done in coordination with one of our pillars, and includes the combination of themed articles from the respective theme, and news from EMSA Europe. If you wish to learn more about the publication process of this special publication please refer to the strategic plan for EMO (Euromeds Online Edition).

If you have any experience with magazines, good crisis management and leadership skills, knowing also how to be a team player, if you are good with words and have an aesthetical eye, if you know how to motivate people and help them work more efficiently, then you are good to go.

What will you do as the Editor in Chief?

The Editor in Chief will be able to use EMSA channels in order to gather the EMSA EuroMeds crew of preference: authors, proof-readers and layout designers. The EiC regulates the whole creating and publishing process of EuroMeds Assembly Edition SA2018 and EuroMeds Online Edition until April issue. First, you will open a call to gather interested EMSAi from all over Europe to create yourself an editorial team. Then you will have to coordinate the editorial team and our precious contributors until we get all the articles. After all the proofreading is done, will come the hard work stage. With the help of the designers, you will put all pieces together and make the magazine ready for publishing. The VPC will create a timeline with you and regularly communicate with and assist you in the development of the EuroMeds magazine.

  3) AMEE Student Representative 2018-2019

The AMEE Student Representative is the official representative of EMSA towards AMEE. As AMEE Student Representative you will serve both on the board of EMSA and as member of the AMEE Executive Committee Meeting.

Your term will start in February 2018 after the AMEE Executive Committee Meeting and will last until September 2019 after the AMEE Conference.


  • Representation of European students in the AMEE Executive Committee.

  • Collaboration with the EMSA Medical Education Director and other EMSA board members on various tasks related to Medical Education.

  • Coordinator of the AMEE Student Task Force in a team with our IFMSA colleagues.

  • Coordination and organization of various other student-led initiatives within AMEE.

  • Selection and coordination of the AMEE Student Initiatives Grant.

  • Participation in the biannual AMEE Executive Committee Meeting (in August and February).

  • Highlighting and creating AMEE opportunities for EMSA members.


  • Good proficiency in English

  • Experience in student representation.

  • Experience in the field of Medical Education.

  • FMO Member or Individual Member of EMSA.

  4) EMSA Financial Commission Membership

Currently, there are two members in the Financial Commission. There has to be at least three members so you can apply for this commission. In case of multiple applications, EB will consider the need and has the right to appoint more than one member.

Financial Commission shall audit the financial state of EMSA Europe and shall present a written report to the General Assemblies. This report has to be approved before the presentation of the candidatures. Mid-term financial audit will be presented by the Financial Commission at the Autumn Assembly of the same year whereas the final audit will be presented at the Spring Assembly of the following calendar year.

The Financial Commission will provide advice on financial matters to the Treasurer per request.

  5) SWG Internal Rules SA2018

In the Autumn Assembly in Budapest, The new EMSA Statutes have been adopted. In order for a clean transition, some changes need to be implemented into the EMSA Internal Rules as well. During the General Assembly, the motion for the Small Working Group has passed as you can see the description below:

“to immediately open a call for a working group supervised by the Secretary General to prepare a motion for the next ordinary assembly that revises and cleans up the Internal Rules accordingly, including the option to change certain parts of the statutes only by confirmation of a national vote as foreseen by the old statutes.”

Explanation: Since the new Statutes no longer define National Vote in case of certain Statutory changes we propose to move those rules (as defined in the still valid Statutes) into the Internal Rules as well as to define that that new part of the IR can only be changed with a Statutory quorum and majority. This is important as to keep National Vote system active in important Statutory changes.

Take these chances to step up your game into the European Level! Looking forward to your applications!

All candidatures should be sent to until 23.59 p.m. CEST (Brussels time) of 20.10.2017.