Medical Science Pillar encompasses many key research principles and practical skills which are essential for every future physician. It aims to provide a platform where all the students  interested in science can communicate with each other, learn from good examples, experiment in various workshops and get inspired by best European scientists. Our projects are designed for everyone – from very beginner to a proficient researcher who is ready to publish the first publication! We believe this pillar will help students to put a strong base for their professional scientific career.

  • Provide a strong base for students for their professional scientific career by offering various workshops and scientific projects;
  • Raise appreciation of medical science in society through promotional activities;
  • Promote communication and exchange of best practices amongst European medical professionals as well as students;
  • Empower medical students to read and publish scientific articles, by enhancing their theoretical and practical skills through education and training;
  • Collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to Medical Science


December HIV/AIDS

January Rare Diseases

February Gender Medicine

March Cancer Research



European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2017 (EAAD)

World Cancer Day 2017

World AIDS Day 2017


Spring Assembly ’17

1.the good, the bad, and the ugly: an fmri investigation of the functional anatomic correlates of stigma

2. & 3. Combating HIV stigma in health care settings: what works?

4. The influence of sex and gender on immunity, infection and vaccination


Autumn Assembly ’17

1. AMR updates: How much do we really know about it?

2. Clash of Bacteria: Who can solve the most intriguing cases?


Medical Science

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