WHSS – World Healthcare Students Symposium

Do you want to meet future colleges from around the world? Are you interested in the future of the healthcare system? Do you want to attend lessons and workshops given by the best leading professors and MD’s from around the globe?

WHSS is the perfect place for you!
WHSS is the biggest international event that brings together the healthcare students. It is organized by the leading student’s organizations from different healthcare branches. The symposium is organized every second year and its topics are always different. The vision of this symposium is to bring students from around the world together in order to discuss on different healthcare issues.

Who organizes the WHSS?
Everything starts with a partnership among the students organization who are interested in organizing the WHSS. After this each of them chose two representatives who together form a JWG (Joint Working Group). The JWG is the one who sends a call for OC (Organization Committee). And after the OC is chosen they start working together with the JWG in order to organizing the WHSS.

WHSS 2013
This year’s students organizations that are involved in the JWG are: EMSA, EPSA, EDSA, IFMSA and IPFS. As the OC we have the great hosts from SWIMSA.

The symposium will take place at Lausanne, Switzerland and it will last 5 days.

Dates: 08 – 13.09.2013

The registration period will open soon.WHSS

The last but not least important information is the topic: Interprofessional collaboration.

More information on the registration and the fee are coming soon.

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