Calls to join the european level or host european events can be found through this page throughout the year for your convenience. for any questions, please contact us through

1) Call for Candidatures for the EMSA Officials Board 2018/2019 & EMSA Supervisory Council 2018/2019

In order for your candidature to be valid, please use the attached TEMPLATE for the motivation letter and do not forget to add your CV and your Certification of your EMSA membership (not older than two months; signed by one of your Local Coordinators and not by candidate himself/herself, or if you are an individual member, your membership certificate).

Below are the available positions, you can candidate for:

Officials Board 2018/2019

Medical Education Director

Public Health Director

Medical Science Director

Medical Ethics and Human Rights Director

European Integration and Culture Director

European Health Policy Director

European Institutions Liaison Officer

Resource Development Officer

Trainings and Events Officer

Public Relations Officer


Supervisory Council 2018/2019*

Supervisory Council Members (3)

*The Supervisory Council positions are open for EMSA members and alumni, however members of the EEB or supporting officials to the EEB may not be SupCo members.

All candidatures should be sent to until 23.59 p.m. CEST (Brussels time) of 31.07.2018 as stated in EMSA Internal Rules.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with the current position holders before applying. Should you have any questions or remarks pertaining this, please feel free to contact the Executive Board for details, anytime!

2) Call for Candidatures for the EMSA Officials Board 2017/2018

After the appointment of Jan Skrzypczak to the position of Public Relations Officer Interim 2017/2018, the position will be opened again for the final months of the current term.

Officials Board 2017/2018

Public Relations Officer

All candidatures should be sent to until 23.59 p.m. CEST (Brussels time) of 31.07.2018 as stated in EMSA Internal Rules.

3) Call for Hosts of EMSA European Events in 2019

Are you interested in hosting an EMSA European Meeting in 2019?

Do you want to bring the E in EMSA to YOUR FMO? Are you up for a challenge? Are you proud of your city and you wish to share it with an awesome group of medicine students from all around Europe?

This is your chance!

EMSA European Meetings in 2019:

BlueCon 2019

Autumn Assembly 2019

Training Centre
of Excellence 2019

Meeting for around 80 participants

Meeting for around 250 participants

Meeting for around 12-15 participants and 3-4 trainers

Held in July-August

Held in September

Held in July-August

3-4 working days*

4 working days*

7-9 working days*

Pillar sessions, keynote speeches, workshops, trainings.

Plenaries, workshops, pillar sessions, NC & LC sessions, soft skill trainings.

Training New Trainers (Note that costs for trainers should be covered by participants’ fee).

* Full working days, not counting the arrival / departure day

In order to submit your host candidature, please fill in the attached TEMPLATE and BUDGET, and send them back to the by 23.59 p.m. CEST (Brussels time) of 31.07.2018 as stated in EMSA Internal Rules.

For more information on EMSA European Meetings, please consult the Internal Rules and the attached Draft EMSA Meetings Contract and address your questions to our Training and Events Officer at