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After the Spring Assembly, with the reestablishment of the Public Relations Officer and the election of DEA Policy Asst. Sebastian Weyn Banningh as EILO, the EMSA Executive Board moves to open two calls for Public Relations Officer Interim and for Policy Assistant to the Department of External Affairs.
1) Call for Public Relations Officer
According to the Internal Rules, the PRO shall:
  • coordinate and assist the EMSA European Board with EMSA marketing and public relations
  • Maintain, promote and encourage web-based activities.
  • Be responsible for the development of promotional material for EMSA.
  • Ensure that the related services (website, mailing lists, etc.) are functional and updated at all times.
  • be responsible for the maintenance of EMSA Intranet together with the VPC
  • Transfer all administrative rights and services to the next webmaster within 30 days after termination of his/her mandate.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Public Relations Team.
The appointed PRO will receive a proper handover by the Vice President of Capacity. EMSA members experienced in public relations work are encouraged to apply by  until 23:59 Brussels time on 20th May.

For your applications, please use the attached Template, your updated CV and your EMSA Membership Certificate (no older than 2 months) and send them to before 23:59 CET 20/5/2018!

2) Call for DEA Policy Assistant
This year the Department of External Affairs is a highly motivated team and working hard on developing our associations’ external relations. After the Spring Assembly, we are missing a team member to help the DEA in policy-related affairs. 
Through this call, you can apply to be an Assistant to the Department of External Affairs and help the department out throughout the remaining of the term. 
Assistants get to know the EEB and participate in the online meetings. They get an EMSA email address, have access to the loads of resources in the EMSA internal Drive and get a guaranteed spot at the General Assembly.
Department of External Affairs (DEA) Policy Assistant:
  • Contribution to DEA related policy documents both in research and drafting.
  • Monitoring and possibly reporting on European Policies that are relevant for our external priorities
  • Preparation and facilitation of DEA related sessions (like workshops) in the EMSA General Assemblies, with the rest of the DEA
  • Preparation of the DEA Handover, with the rest of the DEA
  • Help the VPE, EILO or PO with their tasks if needed
  • Help with DEA projects if needed
  • Experience in EMSA and basic knowledge about the association and its external relations
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about external relations and policy-driven processes on European Level
  • Good communication and team-working skills, but also capable on working independently
  • Good research skills
  • Availability for the remaining of the term (May-November 2018)
  • Proficiency in English both in written and spoken form
  • Experienced in working with google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Drive, Calendar), Microsoft Office, Doodle, Skype, Facebook etc.
  • Preferably to be available to attend the EMSA Autumn Assembly (1-7th September 2018)
  • Available to attend DEA monthly Online-Meetings (more during work overload)
Should you have any questions send them to
To apply, please send your updated CV, your EMSA Membership Certificate (no older than 2 months) and a motivation letter to before the deadline of  23:59 Brussels time on 20th May.

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