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1. call for Euromeds editor in chief

Dear EMSA members,

We regret to announce the resignation of EuroMeds Editor-in-Chief, Özge Demirkol. A message from Özge can be found below.

“Dear EMSA Executive Board,
Dear EMSA Members,
With great sadness, I am announcing my resignation from EuroMeds Editor in Chief position due to personal reasons.
I would like to thank EMSA family for all the meaningful projects and unforgettable memories. It was an experience of a lifetime.
Goodbye to all and…
May the Blue Spirit be with you!”

Following this development, the EMSA European Board has developed a plan to continue the publication of EuroMeds uninterrupted, with the important help of the Medical Science Director and previous Editor in Chief, Lili Diana Szabo, under the coordination of the Vice President of Capacity.

We further move to open a call for the Editor in Chief, found below.

Call for EuroMeds Editor in Chief

Did you ever think of creating your own magazine? EMSA can help you make your plans into reality! We are looking for an Editor in Chief for our most prominent EMSA publication: EuroMeds to be released at our Spring Assembly 2018 (March 2018, Ohrid, Macedonia). Here is your chance to take charge as the Editor in Chief of Euromeds SA’18 with the theme “Disaster Medicine”.

This year, for the first time, Euromeds Editor in Chief will be  also responsible of the creation of the editorial team and coordinating the publication of EuroMeds Online Edition, which is a monthly thematic issue of EuroMeds done in coordination with one of our pillars, and includes the combination of themed articles from the respective theme, and news from EMSA Europe. If you wish to learn more about the publication process of this special publication please refer to the strategic plan for EMO (Euromeds Online Edition). The Editor in Chief will be responsible of the management of the February Online issue, together with the help of Lili Diana Szabo, Editor in Chief for the AA’17 EuroMeds.

If you have any experience with magazines, good crisis management and leadership skills, knowing also how to be a team player, if you are good with words and have a keen eye for aesthetics, if you know how to motivate people and help them work more efficiently, then you are good to go.

What will you do as the Editor in Chief?

The Editor in Chief will be able to use EMSA channels in order to gather the EMSA EuroMeds crew of preference: authors, proof-readers and layout designers. The EiC regulates the whole creating and publishing process of EuroMeds Assembly Edition SA2018 and EuroMeds Online Edition until May issue. You will coordinate the editorial team and our precious contributors until we get all the articles. After all the proofreading is done, will come the hard work stage. With the help of the designers, you will put all pieces together and make the magazine ready for publishing.

The coordination of the following publications are expected from the Editor-in-Chief:

  • EuroMeds Online February Issue on Cancer (Together with Lili Diana Szabo, and cooperation with Medical Science Pillar)
  • EuroMeds SA’18 Assembly Edition on Disaster Medicine
  • EuroMeds Online April Issue (YOU will decide on the theme and propose the cooperation with the affiliated pillar)
  • EuroMeds Online May Issue (YOU will decide on the theme and propose the cooperation with the affiliated pillar)

Be assured that no matter what, you will not be alone in the process. The VPC will create a timeline with you and regularly communicate with and assist you in the development of the EuroMeds magazine. Moreover, you will receive a detailed handover on the expectations, will have the opportunity to cooperate with VPC General Assistant, and European Board will be there by your side in the process of planning for and creation of the best work possible. Together with the Editorial Team, you have the opportunity to craft the magazine of your dreams.

For all questions, feel free to approach the Vice President Capacity at


In order for your candidature to be valid, please use the attached TEMPLATE for the motivation letter and do not forget to add your CV and your Certification of your EMSA membership (not older than two months; signed by one of your Local Coordinators and not by candidate himself/herself, or if you are an individual member, your membership certificate).

To apply for this call, please send all relevant documents to until 16/01, 23:59 CET.