Unite to end TB

On the 24th of March we as medical students acknowledge the global efforts to end the TB tuberculosis. Incorporated in the Sustainable Development Goals, ending the TB epidemic is foreseen to be achieved by 2030. To ensure the success of the initiatives we as future healthcare professionals need show proactive involvement towards this.

What can you do?

1.Educate yourself and the ones around you

We all know education is the core element of a functional health system. Intensive and sustainable training of medical students regarding mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, possible means of infection and effective treatment is needed to ensure proper use of antibiotics.

2. Improve access to TB drugs. Advocate the adoption and usage of the Essential Medicine Lists put forward by the WHO.

3. Support research and development of new therapies.

Today’s society faces a grave threat posed by the “Super bugs”. If we want to be one step ahead, we need to develop new therapies. Support the research community by engaging yourself in study groups and have active the role in the development of novel therapies.

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