Training Center of Excellence’15

This summer a brand new generation of trainers will grow up in İstanbul and they will give their first ever trainings to our lovely participants a.k.a YOU !

Do you want to join us for a perfect experience in İstanbul , where you can improve your soft skills- learn how to be a good leader, how to manage your time so you can go to parties, cinema, hang out with you friends, dance, paint, sing while your proffessional/ academic life is on top of the world .  You can learn how to communicate with people- which will work wonders in your daily/proffessional life or simply it’ll help you deal with the situations and people much easier.

Is that enough to make you live the most amazing 3 days ? NO. A wonderful social programme – which includes : One and only – EVP ( European Village Party ) ,where you can taste food and drinks from different countries , one club night which you’ll definitely get exhausted by dancing – but hey, you’re in İstanbul, what’d you expect ? And for the last day we’ll have a perfect tour to wherever you want. You can tell us your favourite location in İstanbul to see. Is it the Blue Mosque , Hagia Sophia, the Topkapı Palace, the Prince’s Islands ? or is it a wonderful boat tour that you can have all in one !

We’ll  be there , enjoying ourselves under the beautiful sun shining on two continents at once. Are you coming ?

You cand find the application form here .

Fee: 85 Euro!

For the further information check our Facebook page.
See you all !



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