Meet the Trainers Team for Pre-AA TNT (TCE 2017)

Hola Future Trainers!
My name is Danny and I’m from Madrid, Spain. I discovered training life when three years ago a friend said “Hey check this TNT thing out, I think you´ll like it” and I said “OK, why not”

Ever since then I have come to know the joys of Non-Formal Education and become a true enthusiast. NFE is the way to connect to people, to impact others and the future in a meaningful way and the best way to develop.
I’m currently a member of IFMSA Training Division as well as the AEGEE Academy and have delivered TNTs within these and other organizations. Within training I find my true passion is with delivering TNTs where I can transmit this love and understanding of non-formal education into others the way I was inspired and help shape future active agents in education and development of others.

Other than that, I absolutely adore working within the topic of Human Rights and Equality. It´s amazing to deliver sessions and create learning environments for people to reflect on these issues in the world that we are living.
If any of this sounds interesting to you and you want to gain the skills and knowledge to become active in training, well then: Check this TNT thing out, I think you´ll like it!
See you soon


My first TNT was back in 2012 when I was invited from EESTEC to participate in their TNT in Istanbul as an external from IEEE. It didn’t make me internally recognized in EESTEC to be a trainer, but gave me the first tools to start delivering training, mostly, in IEEE – but I also was invited to deliver training sessions at BEST, which happened mostly between 2012 and 2016.
During these years, I delivered in a lot of different topics, from Knowledge Management to Conflict Solving, but where I put more effort was in Leadership – since in IEEE Portugal there is an annual event called Leadership Camp whose aim is to provide the future leaders of the local committees with tools to be the true leaders.
In 2016, I decided to refresh my knowledge but also to invest in my certification and I attended Zero Generation YTA. From then on, I’ve been more present in transversal events, international ones and in other NGOs too. I’ve been focusing myself more in improving Needs Assessment, Impact Measurement and to take the best benefits of Blended Learning.

Right after I attended the TNT I was an officer in my University local committee, so I started applying some of the concepts that were more in need of the local group through internal training sessions. From there, I went to the country level where I developed training sessions at Motivational Weekends and cross-sectional events. In 2013, I attended Leadership Summer School where I learned a lot about Leadership and NGOs, a knowledge that I’ve been working and improving since then. Later, I started developing some workshops with my friend Marco Meireles where we apply principles of Data Science (my main job) and Neurosciences to training in the topics of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication.
Almost since the beginning, I’ve been involved in an educational project called IEEE Academic, where students and teachers create educational content in small videos, in their own language – in a way to give support to traditional classes and to give the opportunity to invert the classes.

By applying for a TNT, you are applying to a new world! The magic of Training is that, differentially from traditional education, it puts the efforts on the learning process and not in the content – because we can’t force people to change their perceptions of a subject but we can actually help to create the best environment and to give them the tools. And TNT is for sure the start of a journey: a journey of self-discovering, because in order to be the trainer you want to be, you need to be fully aware of who you are, and how you communicate with the world, in order to be a true leader of your own life – and, from there, to be the vehicle of other people new self-discoveries and enriched learning experiences.

Gonçalo Carito

Hello, lovely wanderers!

My name is Christina and I live and study in Heraklion, Crete. My story as a trainer began about one year and half ago, when I applied for a TNT in the beautiful island of Malta! As it was also my first time traveling abroad on my own I was really scared of what lay ahead, but after 3 amazing days full of unique experiences I left with having won a new family!

After that training the whole world looked different. I was paying much more attention to small things I did not even notice before and I ‘ve also had the chance to show them to the people around me.

So, I challenge you all to step out in the magic zone zone and open up to a new amazing experience as a TNT is.

I cannot wait to meet you all in Budapest!

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